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Assessment of research output through bibliometric tools

Scopus is the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings, covering research topics across all scientific and technical disciplines, ranging from medicine and social sciences to arts and humanities. Further, with smart tools totrack, analyze and visualize research, Scopus empowers you to advance your science beyond the text.

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Discover why Scopus is the #1 abstract and citation database. If you’re looking to search for documents and analyze your search results, improve the visibility of your research, find external experts and potential collaborators, apply for funding or support your organization’s research needs, then Scopus can help.

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From high-quality data and comprehensive content to smart tools that track, analyze and visualize research, including research metrics, and simple API integrations, Scopus is a platform that’s built to serve all your research needs. Discover why over 150 leading research organizations choose Scopus for research assessment and evaluation purposes over any other competitor.

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"I always recommend Scopus as the primary starting point for new research because it actually shortens the start-up time for new projects." Information Researcher

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Leading institutions in today’s complex world of research demand top-quality data to inform priorities and drive mission success. Discover how Scopus data bring critical acumen to strategic decision-making in five research priorities: stimulating economic development, attracting top talent, winning funding, forming cross-sectors partnerships and strengthening reputation.

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