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A word from ENSG’s director

Welcome to the French National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG), IGN’s School of Geomatics,

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Nicolas Paparoditis
Director, National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG)

“The economic and social issues faced by our modern world place information technologies at the heart of the concerns for corporate enterprises, public policy and citizens. More than information itself, localized geographic information (the fact that this information refers to an object located at a precise point of the territory), has increased its intrinsic value.

Geographic information is at the centre of our daily lives and of all modern technological systems: onboard geonavigation systems in our cars, virtual globes (Google Earth, Géoportail) at our fingertips, geographic information systems for corporate decision-making, quick response mapping systems for man-made production or natural risk prevention management, etc.

Acquisition, data modelling, representation, spatial analysis production and geographical data distribution depend on a whole set of sciences, survey techniques and data processing technologies, both using measures and computing science. Grouped together, these are known as Geomatics, combination of the terms “géographie” (geography) and “informatique” (computer science). It includes geolocalisation, survey measurement and 3D representation, spatial imagery, database design, information systems and GIS, decision-making systems and internet technologies.

Geomatics applications are being developed in all economic sectors: transportation networks, town planning and territorial development, network management (roads, telecommunications, etc.), in space industry, energy, defense and civil security, sustainable development, trade and geomarketing, in addition to Geomatics significant research carried out in public and private laboratories.

The National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG) on the Cité Descartes campus of Marne-la-Vallée in Greater Paris is decidedly engaged in developing this vibrant new field through its undergraduate, postgraduate and adult education course curriculums, its partnerships with public institutions or private enterprises, its expertise deployed in the national and international plan. The ENSG is known for its excellence and as the school of Geomatics.

Located within the University of Paris-East, the ENSG depends on the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), a public establishment which is the reference for geographic infrastructure in charge of the implementation in France of the European Union’s INSPIRE directive for the normalization of geographic information in the EU.

The ENSG is specialized in the training of professionals in the disciplines of computer science and the sectors of activity involved in the production and use of localised data acquisition systems, information systems and GIS. It also owns globally recognized research laboratories whose scientific, technical and technology activities span the whole of the geomatics field: geographic and forest data collection system development, massive databases remote sensing automatic processing, towns and territory 3D mapping, Earth system geodetic modelling, forest inventory and cartographic representation… Geographic data broadcast via new generation géoportails will facilitate geographic and forest information new use and innovative applications development. Innovation and research are essential in the ENSG training so that they are an integral part of our students’ DNA.

Our skilled teaching and training staff ensures our students to receive a high quality of education, recognized by all the companies, institutions and administrations in which our former students are pursuing their professional career goals. Over 11 000 students have already been trained at the ENSG as engineers, technicians and managers from more than 80 countries and now work for French or foreign employers.

The ENSG is steadily advancing on the information highway.

We welcome you to our school and invite you to discover the challenges of this new world.”

Updated the 5 December 2018