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Academic Program (Professional Licence)

The professional license is taught in collaboration with the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. It provides excellent teaching on how to deal effectively with modern environmental issues and challenges by combining two promising field: the environment and geomatics.

Taught both at the Institute of Geography and ENSG, this degree is based on courses of excellence (environmental license of Paris 1 and GIS cycle and cartographic design of the ENSG) with a proven track record in terms of techniques, study pursuits and recruitment rates after graduation.

Three specializations are proposed to students after a common core phase: “Environment and Geomatics”, G“eomatics and Design in Cartography” or “Imaging”.

The course "Geomatics and Environment" focuses on a general education in environmental geography, coupled with a technical training in geomatics. It meets the most recent criteria for integration into the environmental labor market in non-strictly environmental professions (GIS, cartography, remote sensing, communication, management, etc.).

The course "GIS and Cartographic Design" is dedicated to the specialization in GIS and cartography, with a geographical reflection through a course in geography of the environment. It meets the needs of companies in the sector: autonomy over GIS, mastery of graphic representations and ability to manage GIS or cartographic projects.

The "Imagery" course is dedicated to the specialization in aerial and spatial imagery, for the management of environmental issues. It addresses the needs of public and private organizations: expertise in aerial and space imaging systems, as well as image expertise, the ability to manage photogrammetry and/or photo-interpretation projects.

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Updated the 4 December 2018