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Aerial and space imaging (photogrammetry and remote sensing)

The Department of Aerial and Space Imaging (DIAS) gather all the activities of image processing, photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Photogrammetry and remote sensing have in common the use of imagery to establish geographic information: optical images (terrestrial, aerial, satellite), radar images, laser measurements. Remote sensing aims to characterize the nature of terrestrial phenomena that images show, while photogrammetry measures shape and position.

Department Responsabilities
The DIAS implements all the photogrammetry and remote sensing courses for the following cycles: engineer, senior technician, professional license, masters, specialized masters®, continuing education...
The department manages the Master’s degree Photogrammetry positioning and deformation measurements, jointly with the DPTS, as well as the "Imagery" course of the professional geomatics and environment license.

The department activities are distributed around the following poles:

  • Theoretical and practical teaching of photogrammetry, remote sensing and image processing
  • Animation of field courses and a summer school
  • Studies and developments of educational tools
  • Tutoring students internship
  • Publication of course materials: some of these courses are available on the GEOligne (fr) website.

The teaching of photogrammetry and remote sensing takes multiple forms: theoretical teaching, projects, TP and TD but also field work (stereopreparation, photo-interpretation, 3D modeling of sites by photogrammetry, production of land use maps…).

While following developments in technology and research (new satellites, new sensors, new image processing algorithms ...), the DIAS contributes to the dissemination of these techniques to other professions (architects, archaeologists ...) that those of traditional cartography.

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Updated the 30 November 2018