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Alumni association

The EAA ENSG, the ENSG alumni association, aims to bring together alumni by offering them services in an associative framework and to create a professional network around the ENSG.

Its main missions are:

  • to maintain the bonds between the former students while ensuring the census of its members and its publicity;
  • to promote the technical development of its members;
  • help students who face difficulties during their schooling;
  • to facilitate the professional integration of students graduating from the ENSG;
  • vigilantly monitor the careers of alumni both technically and in terms of recognition of their skills;
  • to promote expressions of socio-cultural interest for its members.

EAA ENSG also has a role of representing all alumni on the school’s development board.

Learn more
Website of the EAA: http://www.aae-ensg.eu (fr)

Updated the 17 July 2020