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COGIT Laboratory

The COGIT laboratory (Cartography and Geomatics) studies the issues related to the use of vectorial topographic data.

The COGIT studies the issues related to the use of topographic vector data such as data integration, change of details’ level, mapping or structuring of data to facilitate analyzes in specific areas of application (urban planning, biodiversity...).

Lines of research

  • Analysis of space and its dynamics (fr)
    This research project aims to propose spatio-temporal models facilitating (1) the exploration of data, (2) the analysis of the territory’s dynamics and (3) taking into account the territory in the analysis of phenomena and their dynamics.
  • Qualification and interoperability of geographic data repositories (fr)
    The purpose of this line of research is to study the mechanisms for qualifying repository data, especially from external sources, and the mechanisms for distributing this data in infrastructures such as the Semantic Web.
  • GeoVIS: visualization, mapping and interactions (fr)
    GeoVIS gathers the researches seeking to conceive, implement and evaluate new methods of visualization of geographical data (rendering engines, augmented reality, co-visualization ...), cartography (generalization, stylization ...) and interaction with the data.

Learn more
COGIT’s Website (fr) : http://recherche.ign.fr/labos/cogit/accueilCOGIT.php

Updated the 16 November 2018