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Distance learning

The distance learning department (e-ENSG) produces and manages some educational content for distance learning use. It provides its partners, students and the School with a wide range of digital teaching resources and unique tutoring methods in higher education in GI science.

Attending an ENSG online course generally does not require any special prerequisites except for a certain habit of handling the Internet and web browsers as well as e-mail. In some cases, the student needs to be able to install specific software on his computer.

Organization of online training
The duration of an online training is expressed in "face-to-face equivalent time" which would correspond to the "normal" amount of time if the course was given physically at the ENSG. We leave a much longer period of training, which allows everyone to train a little every day at his own pace thus avoiding becoming drowned by the amount of information received. It will also allow people with a day-to-day job to follow this training outside of offices hours.

Consult us for any adaptation and custom quote.
Launch: On-demand remote training is launched for a minimum of 6 trainees. Registration can be done until the day before the start of the training.

Training offers
The courses below are entirely and exclusively taught from a distance and in french!
They are part of a set of more than fifty short courses offered by the ENSG and described in the general catalog (fr).
In this distance learning service, learners are accompanied and evaluated (tutored) by a thematic specialist in training and tutoring. The educational path is controlled and certified by the ENSG. All courses are currently delivered in French.

Our students: “Origin World!”

Website tracking students of long courses (60 hours of courses and more!) Online e-ENSG: https://fad-etudiants.ensg.eu/ (fr)

Wherever you are in the world you can train in geomatics by taking advantage of our services in French.

For further information: contact the international relations department.

Updated the 4 December 2018