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IGN’s research laboratories.



The ENSG trains engineers and doctors in the specific scientific and technical fields of geomatics such as: geodesy, photogrammetry, geographical information systems, image processing...

ENSG’s research training activity is based on the five laboratories of the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) :

  • The LOEMI laboratory (Laboratory of optics and Micro-Informatics) is the instrumentation laboratory of the IGN. It is located in Saint Mandé. It depends of the Research Service (SRIG), which itself depends of the Research and Teaching Department of the IGN.
  • The MATIS laboratory (Methods of Analysis and Image Processing for Stereo-Restitution) conducts research in mathematics and computer science applied to photogrammetry, computer vision and remote sensing for multi-sensor imaging (optics, LiDAR, radar, etc.) and multi-sources (terrestrial, airborne and / or satellite).
  • The COGIT laboratory (Object Design and Generalization of Topographic Information) is in charge of the IGN’s researches related to the management, dissemination, representation and use of geographic data, usually already constituted in the form of vectorized datum and large scale.
  • The LIF laboratory (Forest Inventory) is to optimize the statistical system of the forest inventory in France, and to increase the information production capacities in the forest field. This IGN laboratory has a partnership with INRA and AgroParisTech based in Nancy.

Updated the 16 November 2018