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Social sciences and modern languages

The Department of Social Sciences (DSHEI) is responsible for training students in the field of human sciences, management, communication and foreign languages for the whole school.

Department Responsibilities
The DSHEI manages the courses in modern languages and social sciences followed by the different cycles of the School and in particular the cycle of Engineers. Social sciences courses take many forms for engineer’s cycle: classes on project management and in communication, and research projects, computer development projects as well as the multiple internships our students have to carry out.

The department is also in charge of international relations, of coordinating internships and monitoring the professional integration of graduates.

The DSHEI actively participates in the working groups of higher education and in particular those of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles - CGE (fr).

The courses in Social Sciences are open to economics, social sciences, humanities, legal sciences and the environment. They cover three major axes:

  • The acquisition of skills necessary for the future professions of students, with the aim of giving them the theoretical and practical keys essential to today’s engineering professions;
  • The understanding societal issues, aiming to train future managers capable of taking a step back from their work, about the human relationships in which they fit in, as well as being able to take into consideration the ethical and social issues of science ;
  • The personal and professional development, that help raise students’ understanding of their self-awareness, to encourage their relationship to others in a personal and professional context and to better define and build their overall professional project.

They cover disciplines such as communication, geography, economics, law, project management, entrepreneurship, change management, management, intellectual property, sustainable development.

Teaching modern languages
ENSG offers courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. Students can also learn other living languages, such as Chinese or French as a foreign language, through a partnership between the different establishments of the Cité Descartes campus.

The courses are taught by a team of teachers of American, English, German, Spanish, Latin American, Italian, Japanese, Russian and French nationality.

Updated the 21 November 2018