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Student Office

The Student Office (BDE) is an association whose goal is to develop the socio-cultural action promoting the integration and cohesion of students within the ENSG.

Within the school, the BDE has more than 200m² accessible for different activities. They are 3 different rooms:

  • A living room
  • Library
  • Game area (ping-pong tables, billiard tables, table football ...)

On the cultural level, the association organizes events and allows students to attend different shows (concert, theater, cinema, exhibitions ...) for a preferential price.

Throughout the year, the BDE organizes events and trips that punctuate student life (annual gala, integration weekend, Europe weekend ...). The BDS and the BDE jointly organize all the student parties (Gala, BDE elections ...).

Learn more
Student’s office website: http://bde.ensg.eu/BDE.php (fr)

Updated the 27 November 2018