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Suggest an internship

You would like to offer an internship or a job to our students ?

Please fill in the following form by filling in all the parameters. Your offer will be made available to our students: access the form.

Attention: Internship proposals at ENSG are made via the Jobteaser platform. Registration is required to post an offer. This registration will allow you to follow up on your offers and also to have access to the resume of our students.

If you have any questions, you can contact our internship supervisor. It is possible to send us offers by email; however the processing time may be longer than via the dedicated platform.

Dates of departure and length of internships

  • Higher diploma of geometrician-geomatics technician (2nd year): 2 months and a half from end of May
  • Professional Geomatics and Environmental License (3rd year): 3 months from May
  • Engineer (2nd year): 3 months from end of May
  • Engineer (3rd year): 4 to 6 months from April / May
  • Master: 4 to 6 months from April / May
  • Specialized Masters: 4 to 6 months from April / May
  • CSGA: 4 to 6 months from June

Examples of internships with student testimonials

Updated the 30 November 2018