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Vertigéo association

Born from the dynamism and ambition of ENSG students, Vertigéo is the symbol of the link that unites the school to the professional world.

This non-profit association aims to connect students and professionals from the world of geographic information or any other user of geographic data.

Thus, it allows the students of the school to put into practice their theoretical knowledge through the realization of missions for companies and to initiate themselves already to the professional world.

To carry out these missions and provide quality services to companies, Vertigéo relies on the school’s technological and logistical resources and on the skills of the teaching staff.

The areas of competence of Vertigéo are the following

  • Geodesy-GPS-Topometry
    • GPS readings
    • Realization of MNT
    • Realization of plans
    • Triangulation calculations
    • Leveling
  • Photogrammetry-Remote sensing
    • Processing of aerial and spatial images
    • Architectural photogrammetry: realization of 3D model of buildings
    • Orthophoto
  • Cartography-GIS-Spatial analysis
    • Cartographic Studies
    • GIS programming to optimize use
  • Data processing
    • Database processing
    • Website development and optimization, webmapping
    • Application development in a geographic study setting

Learn more: http://vertigeo.ensg.eu (fr)

Updated the 27 November 2018