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Teaching and Professions of geomatics.



The ENSG is a school that trains all professionals in geographic information technologies, a field referred to as geomatics.

Geomatics is the contraction of the terms "geography" and "computer science".

It is a set of technologies for modeling, representing and analyzing the territory to make virtual representations: geolocation, spatial imagery, databases, GIS (geographic information system), Web technologies…

In its applications, geomatics is largely open to all economic sectors: sustainable development and development of the territory, agriculture, resource management, transport, urban planning, space industry, network operators (roads, telecommunications, etc.), energy, defense and geomarketing…

Geomatics Science and Technology

Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (SIG) : These are the tools that combine heterogeneous data, databases, software treatments and now Internet links. They are used to analyze the countless geolocalised information currently available and are tools to help decision-making.

Geodesy : Geodesy is the study of the shape and dimensions of the Earth. Extremely fine spatial and terrestrial measurements make it possible to study the gravitational field and to make very precise measurements of distance at the scale of the planet (continental drift).

Topometry : Topometry is a set of 3D measurements of landscape elements with millimetric precision. Field measurements are used to establish a map, model the field or perform extremely precise measurement of structural deformations.

Photogrammetry : Photogrammetry makes it possible to construct the 3D representation of an object from images. It is widely used for mapping from aerial photos or spatial images, for civil engineering projects, development or architecture, for the valorization and preservation of historic monuments.

Remote sensing : Remote sensing aims at observing the Earth by selecting certain wavelengths in order to reveal phenomena that would be undetectable by traditional shots. This specialty includes the processing of images, the operation of satellites, the principles of photo-interpretation etc..

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Updated the 21 November 2018