Discover The Advantages Of Countertop Water Filters In The Workplace

There are several different types of water filter, some are very easy to install, others are more complicated and need the help of a professional. It’s best to talk to a reputable supplier of water filters before you select which one you want to use. 

Water filters have become very popular for good reason. It’s significantly cheaper to have a water filter fitted than it is to purchase bottled water every day or week. They are also better at removing harmful chemicals and other contaminants from your water. 

You may not have realized it but some bottled water is just tap water, and it’s completely legal. Of course, tap water is not always the best option. The water is treated at the treatment works, allowing minerals and bacteria are removed. However, these can make their way back into the water while it is sitting in the reservoir. 

The water can also be contaminated as it runs through the pipes between the treatment works and your tap. The slightest of pinpricks can allow bacteria and other contaminants in. 

In addition, the water has chemicals added to it. Chlorine kills bacteria and fluoride helps strengthen bones and teeth. But, there is research that says these chemicals can have a harmful effect on the human body.

The Countertop Water Filter

The countertop water filter is a simple device. There is usually one pipe that attaches to the supply line, diverting the water from the faucet to the filter. The filter is usually positioned on the countertop, hence the name. 

Once the water has passed through the filter it comes out of a dedicated filter faucet, any wastewater goes down the sink as normal. 

The filter cartridge inside the countertop water filter can be replaced, you simply shut the valve off, unclip the lid and swap the filters over. 

The Advantages Of Countertop Water Filters

There are several advantages that you should be aware of:

  • Cost

The most obvious advantage is the cost. A countertop water filter is very cheap to purchase and can be fitted in moments. This makes it significantly cheaper than purchasing a standard single-tap or even a whole house system.

  • Ease of Use

This type of water filter is very easy to use. Alongside being very easy to fit they come in a wide array of sizes. This allows them to filter significant amounts of water very quickly. That makes them a good option for any business place that has high water demands, as well as homes. 

  • Clean Water

Countertop water filters give you clean water. The bacteria, minerals, and other contaminants are all removed. This means you’re assured of clean water. Of course, you’ll also notice it tastes better and the odor is gone. 

The countertop water filter is a great way to start using water filters. It’s effective, cheap, and demonstrates the differences between tap water and filter water perfectly.