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Public Help Forums

There are 3 public Flickr forums open for everyone to participate in.

Anyone is welcome to contribute their ideas or questions, and each forum is patrolled regularly by Flickr Staff. spacer image

There are a few things you can do and places you can go to get help. Here are some starting points.

  1. Take a quick tour of Flickr
  2. Browse our handy "How to get the most out of Flickr" guide
  3. Check out lifehacker.com's Tips for Flickr Beginners (offsite)
  4. Have a look at the Flickr Forums
  5. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below
  6. Review the Sitemap
  7. Get in touch with us by email.


General Flickr Questions
  1. What is Flickr?
  2. Will Flickr always be free?
  3. Can I pay to keep more of my photos on Flickr?
  4. How can I purchase a gift account?
  1. How do I upload my photos?
  2. What's this Photostream thingy?
  3. Is there a limit on the number of photos I can have?
  4. What are the size limits and file types on photos?
  5. Why don't my photos show up on the Everyone's Photos page?
  6. How do I make an album of my favorite photos?
  7. Can I send a photo to Flickr from my cameraphone?
  8. Can I access my Flickr photos via my cameraphone's web browser?
  9. I noticed that the photos I upload are resized. Can I access my original images?
  10. How do I share my photos with people?
  11. I don't want anyone to download my original photos. How do I stop that?
  12. Can I make a badge for my website?
  13. Where can I see other people's photos?
  14. How do I download a photo?
  15. How can I tell when people leave comments?
  16. Can anybody comment on my photos?
  17. How do I get the URL of a photo?
  18. Can I delete photos from my photostream?
  19. What is Organizr and how do I use it?
  20. How do I view a slideshow?
  21. How can I copyright my photos?
  22. I don't want my images to be downloaded, and have set it up that way. How come they're still downloadable?
  1. How do I post photos to my blog?
  2. How do I start my moblog?
  3. My mobile phone service provider puts a signature in all the posts I send from my phone! How do I stop that?
Free Account Limits
  1. How many photos can I upload for free?
  2. I have a Free Account. Some of my photos aren't showing up. Why?
  3. I have a free trial Pro Account. What happens when the trial elapses?
  4. Are my photos ever deleted?
  1. What if I don't want everyone to see my photos?
  2. Can anyone leave a comment?
  3. So now I've uploaded some of my photos, and made them public. Where do they show up?
  4. Can I make a public photo private again?
  1. What are tags?
  2. Why don't all the photos with a certain tag show up?
  1. What are favorites?
  2. How do I mark a photo as one of my favorites?
  3. Can I mark my own photos as my favorites?
  4. Can other people see my favorites?
  5. How do I delete a photo from my favorites?
  1. Why do I need contacts?
  2. What are the different types of contacts I can make?
  3. Is there a limit on the number of contacts I can have?
  4. How do invite my friends into Flickr?
  5. Can everyone see my age or my real name or my email address and IM names if I enter them in my profile?
  6. How do I remove a contact?
  7. Another Flickr member is making me uncomfortable. What can I do?
  8. Someone is blocking me. What's up with that?
  1. What is the difference between public and private groups?
  2. How do I make a public group private? And vice-versa?
  3. How are groups administered?
  4. How do I deal with trolls?
  5. How do I share a photo with a group I belong to?
  6. How do I place an image into a post or comment?
  7. Who can see photos in a group pool?
  8. How do I leave a group?
  9. How do I delete a group?
Your Profile
  1. Do I have to create a profile?
  2. What is that pixelated grey and black smiley face in a box?
  3. Can I change my screen name?
  4. Someone's written a testimonial about me. What if I don't want to publish it?
  5. Can I point my friends towards a page that's mine in Flickr?
Your Account
  1. I've forgotten my password!!
  2. How do I change my password?
  3. I have two email addresses, and I want my friends to be able to find me in here using either one. Do I have to create two accounts?
  4. I don't want people to see my real name. How do I fix that?
  5. Do I have to get an email from Flickr for every little thing?
  6. Can I make all the photos I upload to Flickr be 'private' without having to set it for each one?
  7. All my friends have 'friendly' Flickr URLs while all I have is a string of numbers. How do I get a friendly URL?
  8. What is the email address I use to send my photos to Flickr?
  9. How do I delete my account?
  10. I've deleted my account, but didn't really want to! What do I do?
Yahoo! IDs, signing in and screen names
  1. How do my communication preferences change after I merge my account with Yahoo!? Will I get lots of SPAM?
  2. What will happen to my pictures? Will they be merged with Yahoo! Photos?
  3. How does this impact me if I want to use Flickr API apps that still use the old authentication scheme?
  4. What if my Yahoo! ID happens to be the same as my Flickr ID already? Or someone is using my Flickr screen name as a Yahoo! ID?
  5. Do I have to log in via Yahoo!?
  6. I'm going to delete my Yahoo! account. What happens to my Flickr photos?
  7. I've forgotten my password!
  8. Which sign-in option should I be using?
  9. It doesn't seem to 'remember me' each time. What's up with that?
  10. How do I merge my Yahoo! account with my Flickr one?
  11. What if I have two Flickr accounts?
  12. Anyone notice how the big Y! resembles two roads merging into one?
  13. How separate will we be able to keep our identities?
  1. I don't have a PayPal account and i'd rather not create one. How can I pay?
  2. PayPal won't accept my credit card. How do I pay you??
On the Flickr website
  1. I have a great idea for a feature! How can I suggest it?
  2. What considerations have been given to copyright?
  3. Can I have HTML in my posts on the Flickr website?
  4. What are the system requirements?
  5. Flickr tells me I need to enable cookies to use the site, but they are already enabled...what should I do?
  6. I'm an AOL user having trouble viewing photos. What's going on?
  7. I'm having all sorts of trouble logging in. Help!
  8. Need to talk to someone?

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