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Help / FAQ

General Flickr Questions

  1. What is Flickr?
  2. What are the rules of engagement?
  3. Will Flickr always be free?
  4. I'd like to use a photo I found on Flickr. How do I do that?
  5. What does Flickr Gamma mean?

Free Accounts, Upgrading and Gifts

  1. How many photos can I upload for free?
  2. Can I pay to keep more of my photos on Flickr?
  3. Can I buy a pro account for another Flickr member?
  4. Is there a page where I can keep track of upgrades I've purchased?
  5. I have a free account. Some of my photos aren't showing up. Why?
  6. What happens to my photos if my Pro Account expires?
  7. Are my photos ever deleted?


  1. How do I upload my photos?
  2. Is there a limit on the number of photos I can have?
  3. Are the limits on file sizes or file types for uploads?
  4. Can I access my original images?
  5. How do I share my photos with people?
  6. How do I share my photos with *just* my friends & family?
  7. Can anybody comment on my photos?
  8. How can I tell when people leave comments?
  9. Why aren't my photos showing up?
  10. What does the "may offend" link do on a photo page?
  11. What does the "hide this photo" link do on my photo page?
  12. How do I set privacy levels on my photos?
  13. What's this Photostream thingy?
  14. How do I make an album of my favorite photos?
  15. Can I rearrange the photos in my photostream?
  16. How do I make my photo page look the way I want?
  17. Can I delete photos from my photostream?
  18. How do I remove a photo from a set without deleting it?
  19. Can I access my Flickr photos via the web browser on my phone?
  20. Can I send a photo to Flickr from my cameraphone?
  21. How can I add tags to photos I upload by email or my phone?
  22. How many photos can I upload by email?
  23. Can I put my Flickr photos on my website?
  24. How do I share photos with Yahoo! 360?
  25. How do I make a slideshow?
  26. How can I copyright my photos?
  27. I don't want anyone to download my photos. How do I stop that?
  28. I set the preference for no downloads. How come they're still downloadable?
  29. I set the preference for no comments. How come people are commenting??
  30. I'd rather people didn't blog my photos. How can I prevent that?
  31. How do I download a photo?
  32. Can I replace my photos and keep the comments and tags and stuff?
  33. Can Flickr rotate my photos automatically?
  34. I've uploaded a big image file, but it turned out black. What do I do?
  35. How do I get the URL of a photo?
  36. Where can I see other people's photos?

The Organizr

  1. What is the Organizr?
  2. What's that strip down at the bottom?
  3. Drag & Drop and Double Click are your friends
  4. The Organizr Toolbar
  5. How do I change the photo that represents my set?
  6. How do I add my photos to a map?
  7. Can anybody see where my geotagged photos were taken? Is the location private?
  8. Can I remove photos from my map?

The Map

  1. A Map? On Flickr? Is that a question?
  2. What does "geotagged" mean?
  3. How do I add my photos to a map?
  4. I'm having trouble seeing my photos on the global map. Why is that?
  5. Can I add a map to my own website?

Using Flickr Tools

  1. What is an uploading tool?
  2. How do I use the Windows Uploadr?
  3. How do I upload a photo with the Windows Uploadr?
  4. How do I use Mac OS Uploadr?
  5. How do I upload a photo with the Mac Uploadr?
  6. Windows Uploadr isn't authorizing- what can I do?
  7. How do I use Uploadr on someone else's computer?
  8. Why is my upload going slowly?


  1. How do I post photos to my blog?
  2. Which blogging services does Flickr support?
  3. There are some things I'd like in my blog post that aren't in the templates provided. What are my options?
  4. How do I start my moblog?
  5. My mobile phone service provider puts a signature in all the posts I send from my phone! How do I stop that?


  1. What if I don't want everyone to see my photos?
  2. Can anyone leave a comment?
  3. So now I've uploaded some of my photos, and made them public. Where do they show up?
  4. Can I make a public photo private again?


  1. What are tags?
  2. Why don't all the photos with a certain tag show up?


  1. What are favorites?
  2. How do I mark a photo as one of my favorites?
  3. Can I mark my own photos as my favorites?
  4. Can other people see my favorites?
  5. How do I delete a photo from my favorites?


  1. Why do I need contacts?
  2. How do I add a contact?
  3. What are the different types of contacts I can make?
  4. Is there a limit on the number of contacts I can have?
  5. How do I invite my friends into Flickr?
  6. Can everyone see my age or my real name or my email address and IM names if I enter them in my profile?
  7. How do I remove a contact?
  8. Another Flickr member is making me uncomfortable. What can I do?
  9. Someone is blocking me. What's up with that?


  1. How do I post a photo in a discussion?
  2. What is the difference between public and private groups?
  3. How do I make a public group private? And vice-versa?
  4. How are groups administered?
  5. How do I share a photo with a group?
  6. Who can see photos in a group pool?
  7. How do I leave a group?
  8. How do I delete a group?

Your Profile

  1. Do I have to create a profile?
  2. What is that pixelated grey and black smiley face in a box?
  3. Can I change my screen name?
  4. Someone's written a testimonial about me. What if I don't want to publish it?
  5. Can I point my friends towards a page that's mine in Flickr?

Your Account

  1. I've forgotten my password!!
  2. How do I change my password?
  3. I have two email addresses, and I want my friends to be able to find me in here using either one. Do I have to create two accounts?
  4. I don't want people to see my real name. How do I fix that?
  5. Do I have to get an email from Flickr for every little thing?
  6. Can I make all the photos I upload to Flickr be 'private' without having to set it for each one?
  7. All my friends have 'friendly' Flickr URLs while all I have is a string of numbers. How do I get a friendly URL?
  8. Why can't I change the personalized URL I created for my account?
  9. What is the email address I use to send my photos to Flickr?
  10. How do I delete my account?
  11. I've deleted my account, but didn't really want to! What do I do?

Yahoo! IDs, signing in and screen names

  1. Which sign-in option should I be using?
  2. How do my communication preferences change after I merge my account with Yahoo!? Will I get lots of SPAM?
  3. What will happen to my pictures? Will they be merged with Yahoo! Photos?
  4. How does this impact me if I want to use Flickr API apps that still use the old authentication scheme?
  5. What if my Yahoo! ID happens to be the same as my Flickr ID already? Or someone is using my Flickr screen name as a Yahoo! ID?
  6. Do I have to log in via Yahoo!?
  7. I'm going to delete my Yahoo! account. What happens to my Flickr photos?
  8. I've forgotten my password!
  9. It doesn't seem to 'remember me' each time. What's up with that?
  10. How do I merge my Yahoo! account with my Flickr one?
  11. What if I have two Flickr accounts?
  12. Anyone notice how the big Y! resembles two roads merging into one?

Nokia and Flickr

  1. My Nokia phone isn’t listed? What do I do?
  2. I don’t have a Nokia device – will you offer this kind of service for other phones as well?
  3. I don't see Flickr listed as an option on my Nseries device. What do I do?
  4. I’ve entered my username and password on my set-up screen, but it still won’t work. What’s wrong?
  5. I'm seeing a weird "System Error". What does that mean?
  6. Is there a place I can post questions related to Nokia Nseries problems?


  1. Can anyone print my photos?
  2. How do I get started ordering prints?
  3. But... but... I don't live in the U.S.! Why can't I order prints??
  4. How can I get photos delivered?
  5. I'd like to pick up my prints at Target. Where's the nearest store?
  6. Can I choose whether my prints are matte or glossy?
  7. What does 'Not recommended for printing' mean?
  8. Can I see a big version of the print I'm about to order?
  9. How does cropping work when I go to print a photo?
  10. What are the shipping costs?
  11. I'm having trouble using QOOP. Where can I get help?
  12. I'm having trouble with the Englaze service. Where can I get help?
  13. I'm having trouble with the Zazzle bits. Where can I get help?


  1. I'd rather not pay for my upgrade on the internet. Is there another option?
  2. I don't have a PayPal account and i'd rather not create one. How can I pay?
  3. I've paid via PayPal, but I haven't got my Pro account yet. Why is it taking so long?
  4. PayPal won't accept my credit card. How do I pay you??
  5. Where can I get help with PayPal?
  6. How do I see a history of any Pro account purchases i've made?
  7. How do I find the security code on my credit card?

On the Flickr website

  1. I have concerns about something I've seen on the site. What can I do?
  2. I have a great idea for a feature! How can I suggest it?
  3. What considerations have been given to copyright?
  4. I've found my photos on someone else's website, what do I do?
  5. I am not a programmer- what exactly is the Flickr API and what does it mean to me?
  6. The application/website is asking for authorization from me- will it reveal my Flickr/Yahoo! password?
  7. Can I have HTML in my posts on the Flickr website?
  8. What are the system requirements?
  9. The site is acting weird! Things aren't saving... photos are missing... what gives??
  10. Help! My images are all red x's (or broken icons, not loading, etc.)
  11. I just rotated my photo, and it didn't change- why didn't it work?
  12. You've asked me to clear my browser cache- how do I do that?
  13. Flickr tells me I need to enable cookies to use the site, but they are already enabled...what should I do?
  14. I'm an AOL user having trouble viewing photos. What's going on?
  15. I'm having all sorts of trouble logging in. Help!
  16. Need to talk to someone?