Intergovernmental Bodies

Organization of American States

credit: OAS
The Organization of American States (OAS) has made unprecedented efforts to include civil society in its activities and open spaces for civil society participation. However, regional civil society groups still face considerable obstacles for effectively engaging with that regional body. Distance, lack of resources and the complexities of the OAS system are often impediments for a more active role of NGOs with the OAS. 
Freedom House fills these gaps by providing human rights groups and civil society in the region with timely and critical information about developments at the OAS that affect their work, have an impact on the human rights situation in their countries, or present an advocacy or programmatic opportunity. This is accomplished through regular attendance and reporting of meetings and activities of both political and human rights bodies of the OAS and disseminating information in Spanish through the website which is published on a weekly basis. Freedom House also monitors and reports on human rights issues throughout the Americas and facilitates advocacy initiatives for groups in Washington, where they meet representatives of the U.S. government and Congress, Latin American countries and the Organization of American States.



Freedom House has established partnerships with a number of leading regional human rights defender networks in Southeast Asia and provides funding, advocacy support, training, and networking opport


Freedom House promotes civil society engagement with the Organization of American States and the United Nations by preparing and bringing activists from different countries to international forums

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