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Irshad Manji – Moral Courage for Messy Times

February 18, 2021

Every February, libraries across Canada celebrate Freedom to Read Week. This annual celebration encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom and access to information. Edmonton Public Library and the Peter Lougheed Leadership College are participating in Freedom to Read Week by welcoming Irshad Manji for the first Forward Thinking Speaker Series event of 2021. Her presentation, Moral Courage for Messy Times is a free virtual event that will take place on February 18, 2021.

With Canadians reeling from ill-preparation for a global pandemic, cynicism about political corruption, heartbreak over continued racial injustice, and noise from the media left and right, what can we expect of our public institutions?

That's the wrong question, says Irshad Manji. The better question is: What can Canadians expect of ourselves? Since institutions reflect culture, and culture is the way we do things, it's "we" who need to change. And that change comes in the form of moral courage.

Manji should know. As a young Canadian, she set out to help reform how her faith of Islam is practised. Manji spoke truth to power. But she also made monumental mistakes that taught her something crucial: Moral courage doesn't mean slapping the label "inferior" on those who disagree with you. Rather, moral courage means listening instead of labeling. When she finally applied that insight, her efforts at religious reform gained more traction than she ever thought possible.

Now, as the bestselling author of Don't Label Me and founder of Moral Courage College, Manji will take us on a wild personal journey — revealing pivotal lessons for our messy times. Backed by scientific research and driven by the need for solutions, she will offer transformational guidance for any of us who believe that we, the public, can be braver. Irshad Manji will show us how.

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Edmonton Public Library
Edmonton, Alberta




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