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Submitted by mattl. on 2008-09-10 04:33 PM. Community
You can keep up to date with all your favorite GNU projects, via their individual RSS news feeds, but if you'd prefer to see a wider view, be sure to check out the new GNU Planet.

Based on the Planet software, Planet sites typically collect the various weblogs of individuals from a particular project or community. In this case GNU Planet aggregates the news feeds of the over 300 GNU software projects. And as GNU heads into its next 25 years, GNU Planet will provide more transparency to the work of the GNU project, and make it easier for non-geeks to see what's going on.

Karl Berry, Chief Assistant GNUisance said "GNU Planet brings all the updates for GNU software to one central place, making it easy for users and developers to keep up-to-date with the GNU Project's activities". José E. Marchesi, co-maintainer of GNU Planet (with Nacho Gonzalez) and founder of GNU Spain said "GNU Planet represents an opportunity for all GNU projects to increase their visibility in the community and attract new developers."

A future addition to GNU Planet will be the inclusion of the blogs of various GNU maintainers.

GNU Planet can be found at and the RSS feed lives at

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