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12 August 2020

Call for projects on creation of value in France and Europe

In the context of its recovery plan in response to the health crisis, the Government is launching a €100-million call for projects promoting industrial autonomy. Specifications have now been published enabling companies to submit their projects as from 31 August.
The State means to support the best projects on location of production on French soil in industrial sectors seen as being critical: given their importance for industry, the reinforcement of all or part of value chains by support to location or relocation in France of a number of their links would appear essential. Hence, the goal is to reduce dependence on non-European suppliers while developing sectors for the future ensuring creation of value in France and Europe.

The call for projects will prioritise several sectors:
  • Health: production of priority, mature and innovative healthcare products, such as medical products of major therapeutic interest and active and intermediate ingredients in their preparation, along with medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs), and their strategic components, including those connected with Covid-19. In this respect, projects focusing on creation of flexible production capacities or increasing the flexibility of existing production capacities will be prioritised.
  • Agrifood: investment projects likely to improve the French sector's autonomy, resilience and future prospects (diversification of supplies, and creation, maintenance or redeployment of production capacities). The call for projects is very much in line with the President of the Republic's recent announcements on food independence and the development and securement of national and European food chains, with the goal of achieving environmental sustainability.
  • Electronics: projects enabling French and European electronics manufacturing to be less dependent on third countries, as well as development of sectors for the future ensuring location of production capacities on French soil. Priority will also be given to projects likely to improve companies' abilities to deal with crisis situations and speed up launches of innovative products, in particular through use of rapid prototyping techniques.
  • Sectors supplying essential industrial inputs (chemicals, metals and raw materials): investments in production of “upstream” industrial products (metals and alloys, industrial raw materials, intermediate products and chemical products) which, in the event of any supply disruption, could well have a domino effect on the national and European industrial fabric.

Candidate investment projects may be presented in the form of creations of new production units, investments in existing production units, or development and implementation of innovative technological processes at industrial level.

The call for projects will be open until 17 November 2020 at midday. It will soon be complemented by a component on industrial applications of 5G, which is also a strategic sector for the future. Specifications:

Specifications for calls for projects following on from calls for expressions of interest for investments in the automotive and aeronautics sectors (open soon) may be consulted here:

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