Participants in the MED7 Summit
10 September 2020

Update on the Mediterranean at the Med7 Summit

On 10 September 2020, France is chairing the seventh Med7 Summit. This informal forum, which has brought together the European Union's seven southern member States since 2016, is being held in France for the first time.
With a present context that calls for close vigilance on all our parts, especially in the eastern Mediterranean, France is bringing together the nations of Southern Europe with the aim of:
  • working together to defend European interests in the Mediterranean;
  • asserting the need for clear, strong European engagement in the Mediterranean region.

Defence of European interests

France has a dual ambition:
  • to defend European independence in the Mediterranean;
  • to encourage the resumption of German mediation between Greece and Turkey.
The Summit will also provide an opportunity to tackle the subject of delimitation of exclusive economic zones in the eastern Mediterranean.

Avoiding a new crisis in Libya

As regards the Libyan situation, the European Union's Mediterranean countries have adopted clear guidelines resulting from the conclusions reached at the Berlin Conference:
  • ensure that political dialogue resumes in order to set up transitional institutions;
  • encourage the Libyan National Army to lift the embargo on exportation of Libyan oil;
  • ensure that the ceasefire is complied with.
The situation in Libya is fragile and everything must be done to avoid a new crisis which would pose a major security risk to neighbouring and European countries.

More effective management of migration

With the support of their European partners, the countries of the Mediterranean must provide themselves with the means to manage migration effectively. The Summit will be the right time to reassert the guidelines adopted by the southern countries and resume cooperation with the Libyan coastguard.

Ajaccio declaration after the 7th Summit of the southern EU countries (MED7)