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Beverly Hills Spy: How a WWII-Era James Bond Betrayed the Allies

On Oct. 21, 1940 — a little over a year before Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, hurtling the U.S. into war — two men ambled down Sycamore Avenue to the Masquers Club, a…

Chris Noth Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Women

Note: This story includes graphic descriptions of alleged sexual assaults. It was the revival of the television series that had made him such an iconic character that was triggering for the…

#MeToo Missed Us: Female Composers Speak Out

There is the composer who offers to mentor young women and then starts a discussion about his open marriage, the Oscar winner who exposes his penis to assistants in his studio, the jingle-writing

Hollywood’s Sobering New Reality of Fentanyl Lacing: “Don’t Gamble If You Don’t Have a Stash From Pre-2020”

On Saturday night, Sept. 25, the LAPD dispatched officers to the $16 million Brentwood home of Richard Lovett, a parent and the president of CAA, to respond to a large party of high schoolers from

‘Rust’ Producers’ Prior Film Raised Red Flags

In November 2019, a crew of about 100 assembled in the small town of Thomasville, Georgia, to shoot The Tiger Rising, based on Kate DiCamillo’s 2001 children’s book about a 12-year-old boy who…

‘Rust’ Shines Spotlight on Opaque Indie Film Financing Scheme

Seduced and Abandoned, a 2013 mock documentary about the absurdities of indie film finance that was directed by James Toback and stars Alec Baldwin, hasn’t aged well. Baldwin and a pre-#MeToo…

Why #MeToo Hasn’t Transformed the Stand-Up Scene

Stand-up comedian Mona Shaikh’s voice still quavers as she recalls what happened after her set in August 2018 at the Foxfire Room in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Valley Village. A prominent…

‘Rust’ Tragedy: Was an Inexperienced Producing Team to Blame?

In May 2020, Alec Baldwin and writer-director Joel Souza unveiled an upcoming collaboration, the period Western Rust, a month before sellers would get a crack at the film at the first-ever…

Guns, Ammo, Accountability: Hollywood Munitions Experts Grapple With ‘Rust’ Tragedy

Firearms safety guidelines are clear and longstanding in Hollywood, where guns have been employed on the big screen since the silent film era: Live ammunition is never to be used nor brought onto any

“The Mafia of the Acting World”: Hollywood’s Secret Loop Groups

After having worked in television as a writer and also having reported on the industry for more than 20 years, I thought I knew all the steps in production. But I had never met a looper. Or, more

How Time’s Up Woes Are Overshadowing Its Mission Beyond Hollywood

P., a 32-year-old Guatemalan immigrant living in Texas, was cleaning equipment and packing tomatoes and cucumbers at a vegetable processing plant during the night shift in 2018 when her boss began