The ruling could challenge the Biden administration's plan to curb carbon emissions right after a key White House proposal died in Congress.
Genetic testing has confirmed that two male chicks hatched in 2001 and 2009 from unfertilized eggs were related to their mothers. Neither was related to a male.
Democrats on the House Oversight Committee will subpoena several companies to obtain documents as part of an ongoing probe into climate disinformation.
Experts believe the congressional spending package is still not enough to lower emissions and prevent millions of deaths as the planet warms.
The spending package would mark the biggest U.S. green investment ever, but still falls short of what scientists and economists say is needed to avert disaster.
Sustainable fake trees are in demand and hard to find, but experts reveal what to look for.
"We kind of decided to throw the bat among the pigeons and ruffle some feathers,” a spokesperson for the poll said.
“As a young person, I am desperate and I am furious,” one hunger striker said on their eighth day without food as they demand bold legislation on climate change.
The 95-year-old monarch announced Tuesday that she has “regretfully” decided that she will no longer travel to Glasgow.
Here's what experts have to say about potential shortages during the 2021 holiday season.
John James Audubon enslaved and sold people, and his writings promoted the idea of white supremacy.
The storm barreled toward Southern California after flooding highways, toppling trees and causing mud flows in the northern part of the state's fire-burned areas.
Shelley's eagle owl had never been clearly photographed in the wild — until now.
A judge sided with wildlife advocates who say a slated wolf hunting season would be unconstitutional.
Elsa is now living the good life at Black Beauty Ranch in Texas.
Conservative lawmakers and media are equating a mostly peaceful climate protest to the pro-Trump mob that tried to thwart the 2020 presidential election.
Tucker Carlson didn't even blink at the remark as the two discussed wind turbines, but there was a gusty outcry on Twitter.
Researchers say years of civil war and poaching in Mozambique have led to a greater proportion of elephants that will never develop tusks.
The federal entity created to guard against another Great Recession just issued its first landmark report on global warming.
Climate change is “first and foremost a health crisis,” the medical journal The Lancet warned.