Joe Biden

“It doesn’t matter that Trump was worse," Walter Shaub wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread calling out the White House press secretary.
Halloween is still weeks away, but the right-wing network is going full War on Christmas already.
The senator brazenly joked about his widely condemned getaway in an effort to criticize Joe Biden.
Biden recognized Native Americans' "painful past," while Trump accused "extremists" of seeking to "undermine Christopher Columbus’s legacy."
But even legal experts who support an aggressive approach say it might not persuade those who could have more to lose if the full truth were to come out.
The Trump rule allowed agencies to ignore climate change when reviewing infrastructure projects and cut the public out of the process.
President Joe Biden said he would be open to Democrats changing Senate filibuster rules to raise the debt ceiling.
The off-the-cuff remarks are a notable shift in the president's thinking as Democrats are frustrated by GOP efforts to prevent simple majority votes.
"They're like desperate parents whose kids figured out there's no monster who will get them at night if they don't brush their teeth."
The Trump-era restriction blocked Title X family planning clinics from referring women to abortion providers.