The "Quiet Place" star joked that serving the Barefoot Contessa's “oniony, garlicky” recipe to Krasinski was "all it took" for the "Office" actor to propose.
The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star and her daughter, True Thompson, both tested positive.
Some U.S. bishops have said Biden, a devout Catholic, should be denied Communion due to his support of abortion rights.
Doctors have said she can "undertake light, desk-based duties during this time," according to the palace.
"It should be illegal for your child to change their favorite character without giving you a 30 day notice."
"I’d def survive Scream cuz he wouldn’t be able to call me. I never answer phone calls."
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The former first lady, who will reportedly play herself, said she's long been a fan of the ABC comedy's “wit and all-around brilliance.”
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Husbands Christopher and Clay Rice-Thomson are among those featured on "The Rainbow Lullaby," a new album created for queer parents and their kids.
"I feel like you have to have a real reckoning politically and socially," he told co-star Rachel Bilson about the possibility of a reboot.
“Will and I have NEVER had an issue in the bedroom,” the “Red Table Talk” host said after comments she made on her show were taken out of context.
Camilla urged those at a reception to renew "our commitment to do everything we can to end violence against women."
"Texas is not safe for you," the NAACP told pro athletes about new laws targeting abortion and voting rights. "Look elsewhere."
Doherty abruptly left the WB series after the third season over her rumored behind-the-scenes feud with Milano.