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The App That Turns You Into Beethoven

Can't read or write music? No worries: This award-winning app will translate any melody into written form and turn any sheet music into song.  Read more

Urban Transit Drag Race: Uber Vies for Global Ubiquity

Entrepreneurs are shaking up the huge, highly fragmented taxi-and-limousine industry. Will the most comprehensive worldwide footprint emerge as the competiti...  Read more

The Founding Fathers Were (Mostly) Entrepreneurs

Doctors, lawyers, merchants (and a few ne'er do well heirs) -- meet the self-made men behind the Declaration of Independence.  Read more

The Long Road to Takeoff

It can sometimes seem like products just debut in the marketplace and take off like wildfire. One day they're new; the next day, we can't live without them. ...  Read more

5 Start-ups Behind This Summer's Hottest Gear

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, a high-tech mosquito killer, and more: Check out the start-ups challenging big brands on summer essentials.  Read more

Making Passwords Obsolete

The founders of LaunchKey hope to put the days of stolen and forgotten passwords behind us.  Read more

Yahoo! Purchases Mobile Video App Qwiki

Qwiki brings pictures and video together and has the potential to compete with Vine and Instagram Video.  Read more

Storefront: The Airbnb of Retail

Ready for your pop-up? This San Francisco-based start-up could make your physical retail dreams come true.  Read more

Is This the Hot New Domain Name?

The city of New York is betting that local businesses -- and those looking to appeal to New Yorkers -- will adopt a new domain name.  Read more

Augmented Reality, No Google Glasses Required

The PAR Works mobile app gives you augmented reality without the geeky glasses. This is how it might work if you were to photograph a scene in Riga, Latvia.  Read more

3 Keys to a Better Customer Experience

Guaranteed Rate may be the fastest-growing privately-held company in Chicago, largely because it pounced on customer experience as a differentiator.  Read more

Augmented Reality That's Really Simple--and Effective

If augmented reality isn't a part of your company's marketing or product mix, it should be. Here's how to get started.  Read more

The Week in Tech: Apple iWatch, Firefox Phone, BlackBerry RIP?

Get your weekly serving of what's new in tech. This week: The latest sign Apple is working on a watch, and phones to watch (skip).  Read more

From the Dumbest App to $26M Company

John Arrow and his crew of 20-something co-founders, knew their wildly popular gimmick app wouldn't amount to much. So how'd they create a powerhouse app firm?  Read more

Real or Fake Kickstarter Project? You Decide

Can you tell which of these is a real Kickstarter project?  Read more