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Britney German
Long Island City
High School Queens
  I entered Project Bridge as a senior at Long Island City High School in Queens and in fall 2020 started at Mercy College. I was born in New York and went to Mexico when I was 3, living with my mom and two older brothers for about 4 years before returning to the US.

I am active in my church and the community services it provides. And enjoy learning languages and watching documentaries about ancient life, or anything that involves archaeology and paleontology. In the future I hope to become a veterinary technician, archaeologist, or be involved in deaf studies.

Chelsea (Zi) Yan
Stuyvesant High School Manhattan
  Born in Xiamen, China, I received primary education until I was 10 in a Chinese school that highly valued the principles of Confucianism. I am fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English.

Since moving to New York for high school, I have enjoyed participating in many extracurriculars in diverse fields such as entrepreneurship and social activism. I founded BabyBumps, a company aiming to create a new, more environmentally sustainable form of maternity wear products that allows using a special zipper design. I also founded Redefy Stuyvesant, a chapter of the international nonprofit organization that seeks to empower schools with resources and information to be more inclusive.

Elvis Dominguez
MLK Law & Advocacy for Community Justice High School Manhattan
  I was born and raised in New York and entered Project Bridge as a senior in MLK Law and Advocacy for Community Justice High School in Manhattan. In fall 2020 I started at Hunter College, CUNY.

I am the president of the MLK Video Game Club and the leader of MLK gaming team, The Seven Deadly Gamers. I enjoy drawing and writing a lot, and in my spare time I read manga or watch anime. I indulge in philosophy, learn programming and do some coding when I get the chance, too.

John Lohier
Hunter College High School Manhattan
  I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and play soccer and run track for my school. I am also on the Model UN team. I am very interested in government, especially foreign relations. Although I have no idea what I want to do in the future, I hope it ends up being something enjoyable and fulfilling!

Josh Senior
Brooklyn Technical High School
  I live and study in Brooklyn and am an avid and cognizant global-environmentalist who has a deep interest sustaining arctic and tropical habitats for plants and animals. I am also a member of my school’s debate team, band ensemble, varsity basketball team, and National Honor Society.

Culture also shapes my character. With both parents being born in Jamaica, my Caribbean background works in tangent with my American roots.

Katherine Fernandez
Staten Island Technical High School
  While I live in Brooklyn, my high school was in Staten Island Technical High School. In fall 2020 I started my undergrad studies at Cornell University pursuing engineering. Since middle school I have participated in STEM programs such as Girls Who Code and GOALS for Girls at the Intrepid (Naval) Museum. I recently ended an internship at the Intrepid Museum as part of a STEM Entrepreneur group where I will help create a business plan and viable product.

For the past nine years I have played the clarinet. In high school I joined my school’s marching band. I am also interested in art and hope to record everything that happens this coming year in my bullet journal.

Kayla Leung
High School for Math, Science and Engineering Manhattan
  I am an active volunteer both at my school and in the Girl Scouts. I also am on the Girls Varsity Soccer and Basketball teams and my travel soccer team.

Growing up in NYC has shaped who I am by providing me numerous opportunities to explore my interests, primarily in the STEM areas. I have conducted research at Mount Sinai Hospital over the summer. My hobbies include learning new languages and listening to podcasts.

Michelle Chan
Brooklyn Technical High School
  I have lived in New York City my entire life. I am passionate about STEM fields and am currently concentrating in software engineering.

Additionally, I have been a Girl Scout since second grade and have interned at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York Council.

I enjoy interior designing, and started my own interior design club at my school. I have many hobbies which include drawing, reading, and listening to music.

Osbani Garcia

Group Leader
Claremont International High School Bronx
  I grew up in a small town in Mexico until the age of 12 when I moved back to New York City to the diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. I attended the Flushing International High School (FIHS) and in 2008 I was fortunate to be a Project Bridge Youth Ambassador.

I am now an educator and feel honored to have come full circle and able to give back to my community and once again be part of Project Bridge, this time as a group leader and also a student as one never stops learning.

I am humbled and honored to help lead a group of amazing Youth Ambassadors whose leadership and initiative will help them continue to grow as amazing leaders who bring cultural and social unification to their communities.