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Branding Guidelines

Branding is everyone’s job

Day in and day out, we encounter hundreds of touch points with current and potential students and families, educators and peers, business and regional partners, supporters, and fellow employees. As we continue our mission to provide excellent programs and learning experiences, we need to remember that every touch point is an opportunity to leave a valuable impression of “who we are.”

Our brand is our reputation, what people think of us, their loyalty to us and their willingness to help us fulfill our mission. It depends on each of us being actively engaged in consistent, uniform and appropriate representation of Notre Dame de Namur University.

Read the full Branding Guidelines here. 

What is the NDNU brand?

Notre Dame de Namur University is a diverse and inclusive community that integrates community engagement into exceptional academic programs. We strive at all time to be widely known for our innovative synthesis of liberal arts and professionally-oriented learning and core values, while treating the individuals and communities we encounter with actions that reflect the image we strive to uphold.

From daily acts…
• as simple as answering the phone
• to the look and feel of our campus and classrooms
• to how we greet visitors
• to the messaging in our marketing and communications
• to the tone and content of our social media
• to the paperwork that accompanies an acceptance letter
• to how we treat students and alumni
• to casual conversation at parties, conventions or the corner bakery…

…the professionalism we bring to our daily interactions shapes our reputation in the community.

To that end, this document guides us in communicating our unique presence in higher education with consistency, memorability and effectiveness. It is important for all of us to become familiar with these guidelines and to put them into practice.

Graphic Standards

The NDNU logo, namebar, seal and official athletic symbols are the only graphics approved to represent the university. The design or use of any other mark representing the university is prohibited.

Use only university-approved digital art of the logos — logos must not be altered.


This manual is also meant to be a fluid document, updated often to reflect current usage and changes on campus. We welcome comments and suggestions to help us keep it current, relevant and useful; inquiries regarding graphic standards should be directed to Karen Plesur at kplesur@ndnu.edu; inquiries regarding written standards should be directed to marketing@ndnu.edu.

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