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About The NAI

About The NAI

Founded in 2000, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies. As a non-profit organization, the NAI promotes the health of the online ecosystem by maintaining and enforcing high standards for data collection and use for advertising online and in mobile. Our organization also educates and empowers consumers to make meaningful choices about their experience with online advertising through an easy-to-use opt-out mechanism.

In 2013, the NAI extended its well-respected program and high standards to advertising across mobile applications by releasing a draft Code of Conduct for the mobile application environment.

In 2015, the NAI published its Guidance for the use of non-cookie technologies, further extending its high standards to next-generation advertising technologies. We believe that implementing these best practices will enhance trust and support the continued development of informative, creative and free content and services on the Internet, across the mobile ecosystem, and beyond.  

In 2017, the NAI published the 2018 Code of Conduct, consolidating requirements for web-based and app-based data collection and use into one document, incorporating relevant NAI Guidance documents, and updating terminology.

In 2019, the NAI published the 2020 Code of Conduct, incorporating the Viewed Content Advertising Guidance into the Code, modernizing certain terminology, adding new definitions, codifying the use of data originating offline for digital advertising, and expanding the definition of Tailored Advertising to include Audience-Matched Advertising.


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