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NAI Press Releases

7/22/2021 NAI Opt-Out for Email-Linked Digital Advertising is Live

3/3/2021 NAI Statement on Google’s Privacy Announcement

10/14/2020 NAI Warns Brands & Publishers About the Risks of Taking a “Service Provider” Approach to CCPA Compliance

9/3/2020 NAI: Delay in IDFA Implementation Does Not Address Harm to Developers and Disparate Benefit to Apple

8/19/2020 NAI Praises L.A. City Attorney’s Settlement Over The Weather Channel App & Other Uses

6/23/2020 NAI Releases Best Practices to Cover Ad Information Used for Research, Public Health, Law Enforcement & Other Uses

6/23/2020 NAI: Requiring app-by-app opt-in for personalized ads will confuse consumers, harm developers, and benefit Apple

6/4/2020 NAI 2019 Annual Review: Members Are Complying with Code of Conduct

4/9/2020 NAI Code Provides Foundation for Using Data to Fight Coronavirus While Protecting Privacy

1/15/2020 NAI Responds to Google Announcement About Chrome’s Support for Third-Party Cookies

12/3/2019 Privacy for America Releases Detailed Policy Framework to Provide Strong Data Privacy Protections for All Americans

12/2/2019  NAI Establishes Detailed Requirements for Obtaining Opt-in Consent in Consumer Apps

10/22/2019 NAI Consumer Survey Reveals Strong Support for Ad-Supported Media and Federal Privacy Framework

08/22/2019  NAI Hails Revised Transparency and Consent Framework

07/25/2019 NAI Reacts to New York City Location Data Proposal

05/23/2019 NAI Elects New 2019 Board of Directors

05/14/2019 NAI Announces Revised 2020 Code of Conduct

05/3/2018 NAI Releases Compliance Results for Leading Third-Party Digital Ad Tech Companies


Below are the most recent stories and press releases featuring the NAI, our policies and educational efforts, and our take on the industry and related policy issues:


10/14/2020   Ad-Tech Group Warns Of Drawbacks In Potential CCPA Loophole (MediaPost)

10/12/2020   Agencies, Brands and Publishers Beware: A Service Provider Approach To CCPA Is Risky (AdExchanger)

06/24/2020   Advertisers claim iPhone’s new anti-tracking tech will lead to ‘dramatic decrease’ in free apps ( The Telegraph UK)

06/24/2020    IPhone Anti-Tracking Tech in Upcoming iOS 14 Reportedly Reduces The Amount of Free Apps: Why is That? (iTech Post)

06/23/2020    Apple To Require Apps To Seek Users’ Permission For Tracking (MediaPost)

06/23/2020    Digital Group Urges Controls on Flow of Cellphone Data to Government (Wall Street Journal)

06/11/2020   California Privacy Enforcement Gives Companies Rules ‘Headache’ (Bloomberg Law)

06/2/2020   California AG Moves Forward With Privacy Regulations (MediaPost)

05/13/2020   Crossix Joins the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) (Yahoo Finance)

05/7/2020   Maryland Governor Vetoes Digital Ad Tax (MediaPost)

04/27/2020   Senate Hearing On Privacy Concerns Of Enlisting Big Data In The Fight Against Coronavirus (JD Supra)

04/25/2020   Michigan Revokes Ad Restrictions On Big-Box Retailers (MediaPost)

04/21/2020   Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Data and the Coronavirus (The National Law Review)

04/21/2020   In “Paper Hearing,” Experts Debate Digital Contact Tracing and Coronavirus Privacy Concerns (Lawfare)

04/17/2020   At COVID-19 ‘paper hearing,’ industry, government struggle with balancing privacy, public health (Mobi Health News)

04/17/2020   Leading U.S. Ad Associations Request Gov. Whitmer Rescind Advertising Ban on Non-essential Items (DBusiness)

04/16/2020   Ad industry bodies urge Michigan governor to recant ban on advertising nonessential items (Ad Age)

04/16/2020   Advertising groups: Whitmer’s advertising ban poses ‘no benefit for public health’ (Cedar Springs Post)

04/14/2020   Pandemic Has Congress Considering Data Privacy in ‘Paper Hearing’ (Government CIO)

04/10/2020   Location data brokers say they can help contain COVID-19. Here’s why that’s a problem (CNet)

03/19/2020   Citing COVID-19, Trade Groups Ask California’s Attorney General To Delay Data Privacy Enforcement (Forbes)

03/4/2020   Facebook has a prescription: More pharmaceutical ads (The Washington Post)

02/11/2020   Washington Privacy Proposal Will Spur 'Frivolous Litigation,' Ad Industry Warns  (Media Post)

01/30/2020   Ad industry request delay on CCPA enforcement (Compliance Week)

01/29/2020   Ad Industry Seeks to Delay New California Data Privacy Law  (LA Times)

01/29/2020   Ad Groups Seek Delay of California Privacy Law (Multichannel News)

01/29/2020   Powerful ad groups ask California to delay its landmark online privacy law (CNBC)

01/29/2020   Ad industry calls for delayed enforcement of CCPA (The Drum)

01/28/2020   Why this year’s Data Privacy Day matters (ClickZ)

01/16/2020   Google Called Out ANA and 4A’s after saying it will phase out cookies  (Ad Age)

01/14/2020   Swoop Joins NAI, Bridging Patient Privacy and Health Outcomes (PR Newswire)

01/3/2020   California’s new privacy law puts billions worth of personal data under protection(CNBC)

12/19/2019   This Actually Was Kind of the Year of Privacy, and Other Thoughts  (The App Association)

12/19/2019   NAI’s 2020 Code Effective January 1 Along with CCPA  (Sheppard Mullin)

12/18/2019   DAA begins ‘onboarding’ publishers seeking to use its CCPA opt-out tools  (MarTech)

12/18/2019   DAA Begins Onboarding Companies to Use CCPA Opt-Out Tools  (PR Newswire)

12/17/2019   NAI’s 2020 Code Effective January 1 Along with CCPA  (National Law Review)

12/12/2019   Privacy for America Sends Letter to Congressional Leadership  (Lexology)

12/11/2019   NAI establishes guidelines for opt-in consent in apps  (IAPP)

12/10/2019   Ad Industry Asks California To Scrap 'Extralegal' Do-Not-Track Mandate  (Media Post)

12/07/2019   Ad Industry Coalition Offers Detailed Framework for Federal Privacy Law  (Associations Now)

12/04/2019   Ad Regulator Issues Guidance on Consent for Data Sharing  (Law 360)

12/02/2019   NAI Issues New Guidance for Consumer Consent  (Media Post)

07/23/2019   New York City to Consider Banning Sale of Cellphone Location Data  (NY Times)

06/06/2019   NAI Expands Requirements for Sensor Data Collection; Bans Behavioral Targeting of Users  (Future of Privacy Forum)

05/16/2019   NAI Expands Requirements for Sensor Data Collection; Bans Behavioral Targeting of Users  (Portada)

05/15/2019   NAI Publishes 2020 Code of Conduct  (IAPP)

05/14/2019   NAI Bans Behavioral Targeting of Users Under 16  (Media Post)

04/16/2019   FTC Hearings #12: The FTC’s Approach to Consumer Privacy Day 1  (Project Disco)

04/08/2019   ANA, IAB Form ‘Privacy for America’ Coalition, Propose National Data Laws  (a.list)


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