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Founded in 2000, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is the leading not-for-profit member organization for third-party advertising companies engaged in activities relating to Tailored Advertising. NAI members share a common vision of strong, industry-lead self-regulation to promote shared values among our industry members and foster trust in the online advertising ecosystem. Our membership consists of over 100 premier companies that engage with consumers both online, as well as across mobile and television platforms to deliver relevant advertising.

Member companies count on the NAI to help them adapt to rapidly evolving best practices and standards. For nearly twenty years, agencies, brands and publishers that work with NAI members have recognized the value of this commitment.

If your company is evaluating membership, there are three key benefits you should consider.  

  1. Your customers are already asking for it – Many brands, agencies and publishers ask about NAI membership before partnering with ad tech companies. NAI membership helps you demonstrate your commitment to transparent and responsible data management practices and distinguishes your company from competitors because NAI members are known to support strong standards through the NAI Code of Conduct.
  2. You’ll gain access to knowledgeable experts in NAI Code compliance – The NAI compliance team has conducted thousands of compliance reviews of advertising companies in its near twenty years of operation. Plus, because the NAI reviews everyone of its members each year, NAI staff are intimately in-tune with the industry and its members’ business models, how members work with each other in this space, and what constitutes best practices for the industry. Nobody in this space can say the same, as we are the preeminent self-regulatory body for third party advertising companies. NAI staff helps members stay updated on evolving policies, best practices, and current issues through NAI-hosted webinars, the semi-weekly NAI Updates! eNewsletter, the annual NAI Summit, and through regular member communications, webinars, and meetings. While NAI staff cannot advise members on their individual legal obligations, our team of attorneys and technical advisors help member companies identify potential issues with business practices that involve the NAI Code before they become significant and costly problems. The NAI takes a proactive approach in helping members identify and address potential NAI Code violations. When you become a member, the NAI enhances the compliance efforts of your own internal teams and systems by providing proactive, ongoing monitoring of opt-out tool functionality, and support to help you understand and comply with the NAI Code.
  3. You will be part of an organization that is helping to shape the future of Tailored Advertising best practices and innovation – The NAI is the voice of the third-party advertising ecosystem in Washington D.C. and represents the industry in front of policy makers, at FTC hearings, at IAB Europe working groups, and at other industry events. We work with policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss and debate the most pressing issues facing this industry. We provide regular updates and information to our members so they can remain up to date on important issues.
  4. Listing on industry opt-out pages – NAI member companies engaged in web-based Tailored Advertising are listed on the NAI’s opt-out page. Additionally, these companies are listed as participants of the Digital Advertising Alliance and on the opt-out page.

Membership Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Earn brand business and consumer trust. 
  • Shape the future of Tailored Advertising best practices and innovation.
  • Stay informed on self-regulation standards and breaking news through access to regular webinars, member communications, and meetings.
  • Gain access to NAI experts for corporate, sales, and client summit agendas as well as for webinars and industry research.
  • Collaborate with industry leaders and peers.
  • Work closely with the NAI compliance team to identify and address potential NAI Code violations.

The NAI can help you navigate many of today’s complex privacy challenges in a rapidly evolving marketplace through the NAI’s enforcement of its Code. As a member, you will distinguish your company from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to brand integrity, consumer trust and responsible information management. Join the NAI today.