Top 10

Discover what Americans are watching and playing.

Top 10

Discover what Americans are watching and playing.


Learn how Americans are spending their time streaming with the top ranked video on demand programs, including original and acquired streaming programs and movies.

Hear more insight on this week’s top ranked subscription video on demand (SVOD) programs with Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen’s SVP of Product Strategy.


Total viewing

Check back each week to see the top ranked television programs for all viewers in the U.S. across prime broadcast TV networks, cable TV networks and network syndication based on Nielsen TV ratings. 

Viewing by demographic

Dive deeper into the data with the top-ranked prime broadcast and cable TV programs for Hispanic viewers, Black viewers and viewers in households with same gender spouses or unmarried partners in the U.S.

Advertising spend

Learn which companies are leading the pack in advertising spending each month. Powered by Nielsen Ad Intel.

Video games

Discover the top video games Americans are looking to buy next and the top ranked video games across the worldwide digital games market.