Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

COVID-19 Vaccination Record Requests

To request your official health records showing your COVID-19 immunizations, please download, print, and fill out the Request to Access Covid-19 Immunization Record form.

Yellowknife residents who are looking to request or receive their COVID immunization records can present in person to the records pick-up location at Yellowknife Primary Care Centre downtown.  The records pick-up office is located on the main floor of the building across from the screening desk. If you do not require your records for urgent travel, please submit your request via email.

Yellowknife residents are asked to check in with the screening desk prior to entering the records pick-up office, and to please remember to wear your mask and maintain social distancing while in the building.

*If you have already requested your COVID-19 Immunization record via another form, these requests will continue to be accepted. Please do not send duplicate forms.

Along with the completed form you must provide:

  • Photocopies of two (2) pieces of government-issued identification and one must be photo ID. If you do not have photo ID, please contact for additional information.
  • If you are submitting a request on behalf of another person, you may be required to provide documentation verifying that you are authorized to act on their behalf.

Completed forms can be dropped off at your local Community Health Centre OR submitted via email to

You can request to pick up your records in-person at your nearest Public Health office/Community Health Centre.

Residents of other Provinces/Territories who were immunized in the NWT, OR if you are unable to request/pick-up your information in person, you can request to have the records emailed to you via Secure File Transfer.

Please note, wait times may vary between the two options and between community of request.