PayPal Preferred

Let Buyers Know You Prefer PayPal
Instantly let your buyers know you prefer receiving payments through PayPal. If you have your own website, you can do this by adding a specially designed PayPal banner to it. If you sell on eBay, you can have a PayPal Preferred message automatically included in your listings.

Earn Cash Back! PayPal Preferred Rewards

Letting buyers know you prefer PayPal can make you money! Once you’ve got PayPal Preferred on your eBay listing or your website, you qualify to earn 1% cash back on every purchase you make with your PayPal debit card. The debit card is a great way to instantly access cash from your PayPal account--and it’s absolutely free!

Adding PayPal Preferred is Easy

On Your Website
  1. Choose a graphic. (Graphics include messages that range from “PayPal Accepted” to “PayPal Preferred.”)
  2. Accept the terms of the Logo Center User Agreement
  3. Copy and paste the code for your graphics into your web page
Log in and do it now.

On eBay
  1. Click the Profile subtab from your Account Overview page
  2. Click the Auctions link in the Selling Preferences column
  3. On the Auction Accounts page, click the On/Off link under the PayPal Preferred on eBay column
Once you’ve done this, a PayPal Preferred message is inserted in the eBay View Item page and in the eBay Choose Payment Method page of all your listings.

Log in to eBay and do it now.

eBay sellers please note: You must confirm your eBay ID on PayPal before you can turn on this preference.