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How has the world changed and how might it change in the future? Explore history with these resources:

Teaching Activities

Image from the story Explore Post-Cold War Conflict Over Nuclear Technology
Using Venn Diagrams, students compare and contrast today's nuclear threat with that of the Cold War. Drawing on the broadcast story "Iran: Going Nuclear," students also discuss the merits of Iran's current nuclear enrichment program and the international community's response.
Image from the story Negotiate Peace for India and Pakistan
Students role-play peace talks between India and Pakistan and examine related political, social and economic issues.
Image from the story Coping With Genocide in Cambodia
Students write a journal entry about what should be done to help Cambodians feel justice and peace for the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge.
Image from the story

Teaching About the Vietnam War in Vietnam
Students compare what the United States and Vietnam teach about the Vietnam War, then write their own lesson plan for teaching key elements of the war.

Story Features

Enhance your classroom activities with these additional site resources related to politics.

• Mapping the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic (Look at the growth of HIV/AIDS across time and read about prevention and treatment in 12 showcase countries.)

• Reporter's Slideshow: Keeping the Peace (Look at and listen to this narrated slideshow that summarizes the people, challenges, enforcers, and hope in Liberia.)

• Who's Who in Liberia's Fragile Peace and Former Conflict (See the players that waged a vicious war, forged a delicate peace, and will shape the future of Liberia.)

• Who's Who In Darfur? The Geopolitics of Tragedy (Learn about the key players in the Sudan crisis and trace their complex relationships.)

• The Struggle For Democracy (Read a brief history of protest and change in Iran.)

• After the Genocide (Learn about the Rwandan genocide through portraits of survivers, vocabulary context, and email dispatches from the reporter.)

• Miss World's Woes: Chronicle of the Pageant's Troubles (Trace scandals scarring the Miss World pageant which reflect changes of the times: feminist protestors, global insecurity and more.)

• Witness to History (Read an original eyewitness diary detailing the forced removal of Jews in Romania in 1944.)

• Bullets to Ballet Box (Trace the history of Hezbollah in Lebanon and explore the role of neighboring countries.)

• A Conflicted Land (Trace a century of rebellions, wars and insurgencies in the Philippines.)

• Face-Off (Follow a short history of the United States/North Korea conflict, 1948-2002.)

• Epidemics Through Time (Follow the spread of some of the worst infectious outbreaks of infectious disease.)

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