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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Kenyan Women Run the Distance
Highlighted Interactive Feature: Your Coffee Dollar - Have students match their values to the market's as they trace a coffee bean's journey from farm to grocery store shelf.

Illustrate parallels between current and historical events.
Introduce your class to the sights, sounds and pulse of foreign countries.
Engage your students as global citizens in an interdependent world.
Build knowledge, critical thinking and group skills.
Provide context for important issues facing the world.

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FRONTLINE/World activities are designed to take up no more than one or two class periods. Activities are tied to national standards and can be customized or adapted to your particular needs. Additionally, PBS Teachers matches exercises to specific state standards and offers a convenient search. We welcome new ideas for using FRONTLINE/World in the classroom.

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FRONTLINE/World educational activities were developed by Cari Ladd and KQED. Cari Ladd, M.Ed., is an educational writer with a specialty in secondary social studies. Previously, she served as PBS Interactive's director of Education, overseeing development of curricular resources, the PBS TeacherSource Web site, and online professional development services for teachers of mathematics and science. She has taught in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The Ties to Literature section was written by Eileen M. Mattingly.
Eileen M. Mattingly taught English and social studies in secondary school for many years. She recently retired from her position as chair of the English department at McDonough High School in Pomfret, Md. She holds a B.S.F.S. degree in international studies from Georgetown University and has master's degrees from St. John's University and The Johns Hopkins University.

We are also grateful to a select group of teachers and educational consultants who advised throughout the development process: Colleen Checho, Gail Egbert, Maxine Einhorn, John Esterle, Bertha Kaumbulu, Edward Mestre, Gwen Meyer, Daphne Muse, Milton Reynolds, Marcelyn Sanchez, Lynn Schmidt, Rob Siltanen and Yasmin Webster-Woog.