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How is power gained, used, and justified? How are governments created, structured, maintained, and changed? Explore politics with these resources:

Teaching Activities

Image from the story Samurai Surfers: Eco-warriors in Puerto Rico
Exploring what it means to be an activist and to participate in civic and political life, students discuss the strategies used by a surfing community in Puerto Rico to help save their local beach. Working in pairs, students devise an action plan to improve something in their own community or school.
Image from the story Freedom of the Press Around the World
Students consider the importance of a free press in all societies, investigate how journalists are treated internationally and create a Press Freedom Report Card for Select Countries.
Image from the story From Arms Race to Arms Sales
Students complete a graphic organizer related to illegal arms trafficking, then work in groups to develop strategies for stopping such activities.
Image from the story

Face-Off: United States Foreign Policy With North Korea
Students examine U.S. foreign policy efforts in North Korea and discuss how to best ease tensions moving forward.

Story Features

Enhance your classroom activities with these additional site resources related to politics.

• Baghdad Diary (Read a first-hand account of the dangers of reporting in Baghdad during August/September 2004.)

• Dangerous Deadlines: Charting Worldwide Risks (Examine global data on journalist fatalities, who helps them to do their work, and necessary reporting equipment.)

• How to Become a Nuclear Superpower (Explore the steps that countries have taken toward joining the world's nuclear-armed club.)

• Hiding Behind the Flag (Learn about the international maritime system by tracing five ships.)

• Invisible Women (Read about the role of women in politics in Afghanistan.)

• Voices From the Whirlwind: Assessing Musharraf's Predicament (Read extended interviews with seven key figures in Pakistan.)

• Chronicle of Survival (Trace Cambodia's struggles through war, revolution and genocide, and in particular, the role of U.S. policy.)

• Hugo Chavez's Neighborhood (See quotes illustrating how the political atmosphere in Latin America has changed in recent years.)

• Kurds At The Crossroads (Explore a modern history of Kurdish political ambitions.)

• The Most Dangerous Places For Journalists (See a country-by-country breakdown of risks faced by journalists worldwide.)

• Nigerian Women Speak Out (Learn about the conditions under which five Nigerian women work, pray, and earn an education in what is primarily a man's world.)

• Photo Essay: Civilians Caught in the Crossfire (Watch a slideshow showing showing civilian casualties in Colombia's drug war. *Note-graphic scenes and images.)

• Bullets to Ballet Box (Trace the rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon from terrorist organization to political party, and explore the role of neighboring country relations.)

• A Conflicted Land (Trace a century of rebellions, wars and insurgencies in the Philippines.)

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