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At a time when 83 percent of Americans aged 18 to 24 cannot find Afghanistan on a map (as shown in a November 2002 National Geographic-Roper study) and mainstream media outlets increasingly neglect international news, FRONTLINE/World's community engagement initiative seeks to bridge the gap in understanding between Americans and the broader world. This FRONTLINE/World effort brings the world to communities, campuses, workplaces and homes, with program-building resources and ideas that empower you to participate in different ways and at different levels. By facilitating conversations with diverse and informed opinions, exploring how America and its policies are viewed worldwide, and taking local initiative, you can help build global awareness.


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Participation Guide

The Participation Guide offers support to individuals who want to do something as simple as share the television program with family and friends, or as involved as organize a community screening and discussion. The Participation Guide is organized into three categories, each representing progressively more in-depth and effective ways to get involved with FRONTLINE/World.

(regular participation)
Just viewed one of our broadcasts? Activities in this category are perfect for ordinary individuals who want to take easy steps toward greater global understanding.

(medium participation)
Ready to involve your local community? Share your world knowledge with others. Here are some ways to use FRONTLINE/World to engage those around you.

(high-impact participation)
Globally minded individuals or those affiliated with an organization or community group might consider these ways of officially partnering with FRONTLINE/World.

Educators looking for ways to incorporate FRONTLINE/World into the classroom can visitor our Educator section for activities tied to FRONTLINE/World stories and national standards.

FRONTLINE/World provides ongoing support to individuals and organizations who would like to plan an event around the series or a particular story. A comprehensive step-by-step guide to Planning an Event is available, and includes tips on facilitating conversation, publicizing your event, and garnering local press.

There is also a PDF-version of the participation guide available in multiple Adobe Acrobat files:

Section 1: Participation Guide
Section 2: Planning an Event
Section 3: Story Guides
Section 4: Forms

Get Adobe Acrobat

*Note: The PDF version is printable quality and may take a few minutes to download. If you are on a slow Internet connection you can view html version.

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Attending FRONTLINE/World events in your community is a great way to learn more about the important issues facing our world. Find out when and where FRONTLINE/World will be visiting next.
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Our partners everywhere are using FRONTLINE/World to increase global awareness in their communities. See a listing of FRONTLINE/World's partners.

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