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KENYA - Run, Lornah, Run, March 2004

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Kenyan women comprise 80 percent of the agricultural labor force, but own just 5 percent of the land.

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Learn more about the history of Kenyan runners and connect with women's rights groups in Africa. read more

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Zebra (Photo courtesy Giuliano               de Portu)
(Photo courtesy Giuliano de Portu)

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Racers run around the corner

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Kenyan men have long ranked among the world's best long distance runners, but until recently, Kenyan women have been confined to traditional roles at home and on the farm. FRONTLINE/World reporter Alexis Bloom journeys to the mountain village of Iten in Kenya's northwest highlands, where one of Kenya's first great female marathoners, Lornah Kiplagat, using her prize money, established and operates a camp to train the next generation of women runners.
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Interview With Alexis Bloom and Cassandra Herrman: High-Altitude Women

FRONTLINE/World reporter and co-producer Alexis Bloom and co-producer Cassandra Herrman talk about trying to keep up with Kenyan women runners -- by car.

Interview With Lornah Kiplagat: Training for Change
Read about the woman who refused to wash men's sneakers and became an international athlete.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Woman holding mile marker

"Run, Lornah, Run" was inspired by "Fast Forward: The Rise of Kenya's Women Runners and the Power of Sports to Change the World" by Lori Shontz. Shontz, now a sports features writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, wrote the article through a special fellowship from the Pew International Journalism Program while she was a sports writer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.