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The Mental Health Crisis in North Carolina’s Emergency Rooms
The emergency room isn't supposed to be a place to live for days or weeks. But that’s what’s been happening for many North Carolinians in the midst of a mental health crisis, our Local Journalism Initiative partner WFAE reports.
May 16, 2023
How North Carolina Got the Math Wrong on Mental Health
WFAE has been reporting on the struggles of inmates living with mental illness waiting for a state hospital bed. But it isn’t just inmates who wait. On average, North Carolinians who go to an emergency room in crisis, wait 16 days for a state psychiatric hospital bed.
May 9, 2023
Inmates With Both Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders Cycle Through Jails Relentlessly
WFAE examines ways to help former inmates living with mental illness stay out of jail and the ways the system in North Carolina fails to do that.
May 2, 2023
Life Sentence on the Installment Plan
WFAE examines the issue of inmates living with mental illness who cycle in and out of jail in North Carolina, serving what many in the court system call a “life sentence on the installment plan.”
April 25, 2023
Fractured: The Wait Inmates With Mental Illness Endure Because They're Too Sick For Trial
WFAE examines why getting access to mental health care has been difficult in North Carolina and reports on why it burdens the jails, the courts, even crime victims.
April 18, 2023
U.S. Cities and States Are Suing Big Oil Over Climate Change. Here’s What the Claims Say and Where They Stand.
In a relatively new legal maneuver, cities and states across the U.S. are alleging major players in the fossil fuel industry misled the public on climate change to devastating effect. Legal experts anticipate a long road ahead.
August 1, 2022
American Reckoning
Who killed Wharlest Jackson Sr.? In investigating the unsolved 1967 murder of a local NAACP leader, "American Reckoning" reveals an untold story of the civil rights movement and Black resistance.
June 22, 2022
Police on Trial
FRONTLINE and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters from our local journalism partner Star Tribune examine one of the most pivotal events in the history of race and policing in America.
June 22, 2022
A 1967 Murder and a ‘Reckoning’ with the Truth
New in The FRONTLINE Dispatch podcast: The documentary "American Reckoning" traces the life and death of Wharlest Jackson Sr., the history of Black resistance in his hometown and his family’s struggle for justice.
June 16, 2022
Covering Minneapolis in the Wake of George Floyd
New in The FRONTLINE Dispatch podcast: Star Tribune Editor Suki Dardarian joins us from Minneapolis to discuss the newsroom’s Pulitzer-winning reporting and “Police on Trial,” our new documentary with the Star Tribune.
June 3, 2022
Exclusive: A Former MPD Lieutenant Reported Another Cop. He Says He Paid a Price.
When Rich Jackson saw the footage — featured in the new documentary "Police on Trial" — that ultimately helped set in motion his exit from the Minneapolis Police Department, the then-lieutenant had a three-word reaction: “What the hell?”
June 2, 2022
‘An Unfiltered View’: Producers of ‘Police on Trial’ on What the Documentary Reveals 2 Years After the Murder of George Floyd
"That's the value of time — to not just watch and see this chronology unfold, but to really push through the surface-level narratives," said Mike Shum, director of "Police on Trial," about the new documentary from FRONTLINE and Star Tribune.
May 31, 2022