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We're currently offering three RSS feeds. For instructions on how to subscribe, refer to the Q & A above.


Receive the latest articles, interviews, interactives, and more from the NOVA Web site.

XML NOVA scienceNOW RSS Feed

Keep up-to-date with the intriguing stories our correspondents are investigating on air and online for NOVA scienceNOW, our newsmagazine series.

XML NOVA The Nature of Reality Blog RSS Feed

Weekly essays on the physics of nothing, everything, and all the things in between from expert scientists and science writers.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a way of keeping up with the latest content from your favorite Web sites, usually in the form of a headline, a short summary, and a link to the full-text article or feature.

Using free newsreader software, you can quickly scan hundreds of the latest headlines from Web sites you've selected, instead of visiting those Web sites individually.

The NOVA and NOVA scienceNOW feeds will be updated with new articles, interviews, and other features as they are posted to the NOVA Web site.

How do I subscribe to a NOVA RSS feed?

To subscribe to the NOVA or NOVA scienceNOW RSS feeds, follow these instructions using the orange XML buttons to the left of the feed titles listed on this page:


  • IE: right-click the orange XML button and select "copy shortcut"

  • Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla: right-click on the orange XML button and select "copy link location"


  • IE: click and hold or control-click the orange XML button and select "copy link location"

  • Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla: click and hold or command-click the orange XML button and select "copy link location"

  • Safari: control-click the orange XML button and select "copy link to clipboard"

Then follow the instructions for your particular newsreader to add the NOVA or NOVA scienceNOW feeds to your list of subscriptions.

Where can I get free RSS newsreader software?

Where can I learn more about RSS?

These links provide further information on RSS.


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