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New classroom activities with streaming video, downloadable lesson plans and web-exclusive resources to accompany FRONTLINE programs in the classroom

Featured Guides

  • The Confessions

    In this set of classroom activities, students will examine interrogation techniques used to pressure suspects to confess and consider why someone would deliver a false confession.

  • Death by Fire

    With this special collection of classroom activities, students will examine the changing science of arson investigation and consider whether the state of Texas may have executed an innocent man.

  • Are We Safer?

    In this set of classroom activities, students will examine post 9/11 surveillance tactics and evaluate whether this increased scrutiny has improved national security or restricted individual liberties.



Biography Health / Science / Technology Media Literacy
Business/ Economy Foreign Affairs / Defense Religion
Diversity Government / Public Policy


Web-exclusive resources

Solving the Tap-Tap Puzzle
FRONTLINE and NPR Planet Money correspondent Adam Davidson team up to explore the new economies emerging from the rubble in Port-au-Prince.

Obama’s Deal
Timeline of the push to reform health care in America.

Flying Cheap
Track top U.S. airports for regional departures and safety records.


Looking for Additional Resources?

Visit the following Web sites of special interest to educators:

  • Shop PBS for Teachers
  • PBS Teachers
    This Web site has more than 4,000 free lesson plans and activities, as well as online professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • FRONTLINE/World Educators
    Here, teachers can share “Stories from a Small World” with their students. Activities are offered in the following categories: Culture, Geography, Economics, History, and Politics.
  • The Online Newshour Extra: For Students and Teachers
    The Newshour with Jim Lehrer created this Web site to provide both teachers and students with resources and activities based on current events.
  • Now for Educators
    This companion Web site offers classroom activities in the following areas: Arts & Literature, Health, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Wide Angle Global Classroom
    On this site, educators can find lesson plans on global issues using the following categories: conflict, economics, human rights, power & politics, and religion & culture.
  • Teacher’s Domain
    Focused on science and social studies, Teacher's Domain offers an ever-expanding library of classroom-ready multimedia resources, including video, and lesson plans involving content from FRONTLINE, NOVA, American Experience and other public television productions.
21st Century Schools
How much do you know about technology in K-12 education?
Virtual Learning
Explore the remarkable power of alternate realities to do more than just entertain. Where do you stand on games that teach?

Digital Parenting
Parenting the digital generation can be tough. What’s your digital parenting style?

The Digital You
Do you keep a balanced relationship with the technology in your life?



Digital Nation
Online Resources for Parents and Teachers
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