Global Content Delivery

Our global content delivery network connects your content to billions of end users
with high speed, performance, and availability.

  • Over1500Points of Presence
  • Supporting50 TbpsBandwidth
  • Below1 Sec.Stream Latency
  • Transfer Files100XFaster
  • Over99.9%Availability

What content do you want to accelerate?

  • Ultra-Low Latency Deliver high-quality live video streams with less than 1 second latency for real-time engagement.
    Live Stream Acceleration Live Video Stream
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  • Instant Load Time Real-time interactive experiences for viewers and broadcasters with instant load time and ultra-low latency.
    Interactive Live Streaming AccelerationInteractive Live Stream
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  • Fast and Reliable Playback Ensure high availability with instant playback for your viewers anywhere on any device.
    Video On Demand AccelerationVideo On Demand
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  • Rapid File Transfer with High Availability Send and receive big data between multiple locations over long distances with no client software required.
    High-Speed Data Transfer AccelerationBig Data Files
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  • Always On, High-speed Delivery Downloadable content with high speed and availability to ensure the best user experience on your platform.
    Download AccelerationDownloadable Content
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  • Personalized Experiences with High Availability Increase conversion rates by accelerating static and dynamic website content to your visitors.
    Website AccelerationWebsite
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You’ll be in good company

We support global brands to deliver their content to end users on any device with high speed, performance, and availability.
As the world’s largest online gaming platform, Steam provides the best quality experience to the gaming community. QUANTIL helps us to do that by delivering accelerated live video streams, video on demand, and software downloads with high performance and availability. – Mike Dunkle, Business Development Operations, Valve
Philipp Plein

Why do they work with QUANTIL?

  • Premium Performance

    Premium Performance

    We deliver customized content acceleration solutions with the best performance metrics in the market.
  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technologies

    Our R&D team builds advanced solutions to solve the current and future challenges of global content delivery.
  • Unique Expertise

    Unique Expertise

    The QUANTIL international team has specialized knowledge to help customers deliver their content to new markets.