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I’m a mod for r/citiesskylines, and pretty often we need room for more than two stickied posts. One time, we needed a faq+mega thread, dlc announcement, new mod announcement, and a disclaimer all at once. If communities could have more stickied posts, or multiple stickied comments, that would be great.

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Sitewide Issue
il y a 6 heures
An issue with the site was reported: Voting on comments broken on

View this incident at


Jan 4, 14:48 PST Resolved - This incident has been resolved.

Jan 4, 14:24 PST Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.

Jan 4, 13:36 PST Investigating - We're aware of issues voting on comments via the web client and are actively investigating.

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We have a certain user that was banned from our subreddit several days ago, but has been repeatedly making new accounts to harass the moderators, and throwing it in our faces that they can just keep making new accounts, probably with a VPN. Obviously we ban and report the new accounts, but it seems that no matter how many we report they can just make new accounts because they don't have to verify an email.

It's a real problem because they make threats, post racist and homophobic slurs (mostly caught by automod), and are being toxic to other users. Is there no way of mitigating this? Why do we not have the option to only allow people with verified emails to post or comment?

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Reddit released an update that shows pending mod queue numbers above above our icons in the app. No one I know asked for this feature, and there's no way to turn it off. Since mods are not paid staff, we shouldn't be reminded to address our queues in bright red balloon notifications at all times.

Other mods have recommended that we stop using the app at this point. I personally like some of the features on the Reddit app, and some of the features on RIF, so I use both. So I'm asking that if you add new "features" like this, also add the ability to opt out or turn off.

Note - I know I can get rid of the notification by clearing our queue, but with large subs, the reports are endless. Have mercy on us Reddit programmers.

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Just checked my subreddit's stats page and it's saying 0 pageviews in the last 24 hours, and on the graph it's showing no pageviews since ~ 5pm on January 3rd.

Is this a sitewide issue?

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