RedditGifts: an online gift exchange program for the community

What is Elves?

Since the very first redditgifts Secret Santa in 2009, people have asked for an option to pay to participate in the exchanges we run, or donate to redditgifts directly. We have never felt right with creating a barrier to entry for people to participate in exchanges, we want everyone to feel welcome to join the fun.

Many of you have requested this over the years, and we do take the suggestions of our community to heart. In response to popular demand we happy to introduce redditgifts Elves!

Rather than charge for participation, we decided to follow the reddit gold model, and offer a premium subscription service for those that would like opt in to the benefits. As we continue to grow redditgifts, much like reddit gold, we will offer certain new features to our Elves first, and then to the general public at a later date.

Membership Benefits

The current features available to our Elves are:

  • When signing up for exchanges, opt-in to being matched with other Elves.
  • Tag gift gallery posts with trophies to both gifters and receivers.
  • Participate in the exchange selection process by submitting and voting on new exchange ideas.
  • Get a spiffy Elf trophy on your redditgifts AND reddit profile pages.
  • Get a redditgifts trophy on your reddit profile page showing how many exchanges you've completed.
  • Track your favorite gallery gifts that you would like to keep updated on.
  • Access to a private subreddit.
  • Receive two limited edition reddit notebooks, one black and one white, by Miro and a redditgifts sticker with your one year subscription.
Membership Options
  • 3 MONTHS - $9.99
    Add reddit gold for $8.00
  • 6 MONTHS - $14.99
    Add reddit gold for $16.00
  • 1 YEAR - $24.99
    Add reddit gold for $20.00
    Includes 2 reddit notebooks by Miro!
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