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Reddit is made up of over 100K interest-based communities where people dive into the topics most relevant to them.

Reddit influences purchase decisions

People come to Reddit to be informed. Because they trust the opinions here, users look to Reddit for product and brand recommendations.

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The quality AND quantity of brand interactions we saw on Reddit were unlike anything we have ever seen. Putting a passionate army of fans to work was a lightning bolt to not just the brand's bottom line, but to their morale as well. Jess Bachman Digital Strategy, Nail Communications
Reddit is one of advertising’s best kept secrets. At the core of their platform is a highly passionate and engaged group of users who are influential, authentic and disruptive across the internet. Sherwin Su Associate Director of Social, Essence
We first approached Reddit as an experimental channel, and were quickly blown away by the capabilities of the platform. Lennie Silwinski Director of User Acquisition, Hired
We leaned into the interests of Reddit’s creators instead of simply running ads. Launching our presence by letting the creative community guide us built brand affinity and drove sales, firmly establishing Reddit as a long-term media partner for Adobe. Ellen Vanderwilt Global Student Marketing Lead, Adobe
Reddit is the largest group of communities self-organized around passion not just on the Internet but in the history of the world. Nathaniel Whittemore CMO, Partnered
Not only do we see good quality engineers coming from Reddit, we're able to test so many different types of creative and audiences to reach these engineers. Reddit's audience is so unique and we're able to tailor our ads to speak to the different communities in the most effective way to increase both reach and conversions when compared to our other paid media channels. Meghana Muppidi Growth Marketing Manager, Triplebyte
Success Stories

How we deliver results for all industries.

Audi Think Faster: The World's Fastest AMA

The first livestream AMA on Reddit resulting in 2M views

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Polaris Slingshot® drives meaningful conversation

1.7x higher CTR compared to Reddit benchmark

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Woodchuck engages in authentic conversation

#1 highest sales month with record-setting monthly revenue over past 7 years

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Absolut leverages video to engage Millennials

8% lift in top-of-mind awareness among users who had not previously purchased Absolut

View case study
Pepsi kicks off NFL Season with a Platinum Party

6.6x higher purchase intent compared to Kantar CPG category benchmark

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L'Oreal builds love in Reddit communities

10% brand favorability lift, 4x higher than industry norms

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Welch's successfully reaches Gen Xers

94% positive brand sentiment among comments in the engagement prompt

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Playtika increases installs and discovers high value users

15% higher average revenue per install compared to benchmark

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Zynga drives gamers to high-quality conversions

16% higher retention rate compare to organic user acquisition

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TBS hosts the first Reddit livestream premiere

The first tv show premiere on Reddit, earning significant reach and 95% upvotes

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Tushy drives sales by engaging Reddit's community

450% return on ad spend, in line with other core acquisition channels

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LEGO and the 2018 Secret Santa Sponsorship

48% increase in brand mentions post-campaign compared to prior timeframe

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MeUndies drives purchases with playful messaging

60% lower CPC, 5.6x higher CTR, 61% more efficient CPMs

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Thread discovers quality customers at low cost

86% more efficient CPM and 48% lower cost per registration than other channels

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Inkbox leverages retargeting to increase sales

18% decrease in CPA with Reddit Pixel and Retargeting

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Poshmark reaches high intent users

20% lower cost per user compared to biggest spending partners

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Drop connects with techies to increase sales

Authentic conversation drives 11% higher conversion rate than other channels

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Adobe drives conversation with custom creative

+66% Lift in site visits to the Adobe Creative Cloud site

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Xfinity reaches Gen Zers during move-in season

2.7x higher unaided brand awareness compared to Kantar norms

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Vonage engages their audience with clever creative

10% lift in favorability and consideration intent, 22% higher CTR

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Triplebyte drives conversions with community

2.6x higher conversion rate compared to biggest spending partners

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AccuWeather drives efficient conversions

115% increase in sessions per install by the conclusion of the test

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Dark Cubed turns qualified leads to conversions

80% lower cost per acquisition compared to other advertising platforms

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Grammarly drives installs with promoted video

3x higher post view to install compared to other sponsored content

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Udemy drives sign-ups with engaged customers

5% increase in ROI and 10% decrease in CPA

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Coinbase takes their Investor Roadshow to Reddit

Engaged audiences drove 250% more questions asked compared to Reddit benchmarks

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Simple Health drives conversion rates at low cost

39% lower cost per acquisition compared to other channels

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Schwab sparks conversation and site traffic

Engagement goal that drove mid-funnel results

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