ReFrame Resources

Refer below to resources compiled by the ReFrame team from organizations throughout the Film, TV, and Media industry.



ReFrame has developed a handbook to mitigate bias from corporate practice and creative decisions that will yield more balanced hiring of women from all backgrounds in film, TV, and media. The handbook builds on existing diversity programs and provides tools, practices, and training tailored to entertainment executives and creative teams in order to address systemic barriers at each stage of the creative and financing pipeline. 


alliance for women film composers

The first ever directory of women film composers, The Alliance for Women Film Composers increases visibility for female film composers, allowing filmmakers to discover talent they may not otherwise. 

the alice initiative

The Alice Initiative brings attention to female filmmakers by compiling lists of women directors by polling industry executives and producers


the amplify database

The Amplify Database includes television writers of color with at least one credit in the last five years, and can be used to increase talent pools for jobs. This database is only available to registered users. 

amps members’ directory

AMPS, The Association of Motion Picture Sound, is an association of professionals in film, television, and game sound and music with a prerequisite of six years of experience for membership. Their directory can connect sound professionals with opportunities based on specialty and availability.



Array is an independent film distribution collective that focuses on amplifying the work of women and people of color. 

asian pacific american media coalition

The Asian Pacific American Media Coalition is an organization that works to increase diversity in media through agreements with networks to increase diverse representation on and off the screen.


the black list

The Black List is an organization that promotes unproduced scripts by publishing a list of the best scripts, voted on by professionals in the industry. 

Black public media

Black Public Media develops, funds, produces, and distributes media content about the African American and global Black experience. Black Public Media supports artists through events, training, and funding opportunities. 


the black tv and film collective

The Black TV & Film Collective supports Black and Brown filmmakers through events, career support, and networking, and provides content development opportunities. The Collective also has a database of members of the Collective that can be used for recruiting.  Membership dues are required for access to database and opportunities.

Black tv film crew

Black TV Film Crew is a group that supports and celebrates the work of black professionals in the Entertainment industry. Black TV Film Crew connects people to grants and workshops.


black women animate

Black Women Animate is a production company designed to amplify the work of black women, women of color, and nonbinary people of color working in animation.

black writers collective

Black Writers Collective is a group that supports black writers by creating an uplifting network of writers and providing opportunities for professional development such as script review, workshops, retreats, courses, and more.


brown girls doc mafia

Brown Girls Doc Mafia is an initiative that advocates for over 4000 woman and nonbinary professionals of color working in the documentary film industry from around the world. BGDM currently organizes on facebook groups, has a searchable database for hiring purposes, and organizes various community-driven programming.

cast and crew of color

Cast and Crew of Color is an online professional networking site that supports the careers of filmmakers of color. They provide a database of hundreds of professional profiles that can be used for hiring. 



Cinefemme is a nonprofit organization that provides sponsorship, mentorship, and other support to female filmmakers and artists. Their directory of sponsored filmmakers connects female, female-identifying, or non-binary talent with opportunities.

cinematographers xx

Cinematographers XX is a group of professional cinematographers who identify as women. Their user-friendly platform helps connect female cinematographers with opportunities. 



ColorCreative supports underrepresented writers by creating a network of talented, underrepresented writers and by supporting their work, increasing visibility via YouTube, and assisting in securing opportunities. They offer workshops, events, contests, and other opportunities to get involved. 


Founded and developed by an all-women seasoned team of entertainment and technology professionals, is a worldwide application database for sharing and sourcing qualified Crew & Production Support for production in Film & TV.



Critical, an initiative launched by Time’s Up in 2018, is a database of entertainment journalists and critics who are members of underrepresented groups.

The director list

The Director List is a database of female directors designed to help people find experienced women directors to hire for their projects and opportunities.


Diverse representation

Diverse Representation is a database of African-American agents, attorneys, managers, and publicists who work in the sports and entertainment industry. This database connects these professionals to opportunities and increases exposure for professionals working off the screen. 

the eql directory

The EQL Directory works to increase gender parity in the music industry by promoting and supporting the careers of women and gender nonconforming people working as audio professionals. The EQL Directory is sortable by location and helps connect female and gender nonconforming audio professionals to opportunities.  


Film Fatales

Supporting an inclusive community of hundreds of female directors of both feature films and television episodes, Film Fatales is a nonprofit organization that holds events and helps recommend female directors for jobs and other opportunities.

free the bid

Free The Bid is a database of women who are professionals in the film industry. Free The Bid has databases of female directors, editors, directors of photography, colorists, and composers. The databases are designed to help people find women to hire for their projects, and provide profiles of professionals with samples of their work.


free the work

Free The Work is a talent-discovery platform that supports the work of underrepresented professionals in the screen industry through a searchable database and “insider playlists,” curated lists of professionals created by guests such as Paul Feig, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Salke. (Note: registration required for database use) 

glass elevator

Glass Elevator is a free, membership-based networking and skill-development tool for women in the film industry. All members are vetted, and host workshops and classes for other members. 


The Jtc list

The JTC List is a searchable database of women of color working in the film industry around the world. The database is designed to help people hire women of color in all aspects of filmmaking. The database requires registration; membership is completely free. 

Latinx directors

Latinx Directors is a searchable database of latinx directors working in the industry that can be used for hiring purposes. 



Mandy is a professional platform for cast, crew, and creative professionals in film, television, theater, and voiceovers. Mandy includes databases for many types of professionals from actors to promo staff. The database is filterable by location and other elements of professional profiles. 


Multicultural media correspondents association

The Multicultural Media Correspondents Association is a group of multicultural media stakeholders with the aim of raising awareness of and addressing the serious lack of diversity in media today. Their directory of professionals connects multicultural professionals with opportunities. Free registration required for directory use. 


NALIP (The National Association of Latino Independent Producers) 

NALIP supports and promotes the work of Latinx filmmakers through programs like the Latino Lens Incubators and Workshops 


Organization of Black Screenwriters

The Organization of Black Screenwriters supports the work of black screenwriters through networking opportunities, writing support, events, software, and partnerships! Registration is required for membership. 


Sundance Inclusion Resource Map 

The Sundance Inclusion Resource Map is a collection of resources put together by The Sundance Institute with opportunities for funding, networking, and more. This resource compiles several different opportunities for artists in all facets of the entertainment industry. 


Sundance Resources for Antiracism Work 

The Sundance Resources for Antiracism Work is a compilation of resources to begin or continue antiracism work including mental health resources, ways to donate money, donate time, and educate oneself including reading lists and watchlists. 


The Topple List 

The Topple List is a spreadsheet put together by production company TOPPLE with recommendations of women, LGBT+ people, people of color, people with disabilities, and others who have been historically othered, who are working as writers, filmmakers, and assistants.


Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity 

The Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity is a group of working television writers who are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and women writers at all levels of television writing. TTIE creates opportunities for storytelling, fosters a more inclusive atmosphere in television writing, and works to improve working conditions for television writers.


WIF Fellow/Alumnae Talent List 

The WIF Fellow/Alumnae Talent list is a comprehensive resource put together by WIF with a directory of writers, producers, and directors with WIF as well as several indexes of the specific work that the artists are doing and where they are in the process. 


WIF Black Talent List 

The WIF Black Talent List is a directory of black writers, producers, directors, and multi-hyphenates (people whose careers encompass at least two of the previous three listed) alongside projects that they are working on. The WIF Black Talent List outlines the projects and the filmmaker’s goals with these projects. 


Women in Media Crew List 

The Women in Media Crew List is an organization that seeks to help women in the screen industry get hired through networking, events, and a searchable database of women working in 26 different departments across the world. 


Women Independent Producers 

Women Independent Producers is a group of female producers who support one another’s work through networking, with the goal of getting projects with female producers funded and distributed. They have a database of members for hiring purposes.