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Scientific, Technical & Medical helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes by combining quality information and data sets with analytical tools to facilitate insights and critical decision-making.

We help researchers share knowledge, collaborate, find funding opportunities and make discoveries. We help universities and governments evaluate and improve the impact of their research strategies. We help doctors and nurses improve the lives of patients, providing insights and tools to find the right clinical answers.

Elsevier is headquartered in Amsterdam, with further principal sites in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Berkeley in North America; London, Oxford, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid and Paris in Europe; Beijing, Chennai, Delhi, Singapore and Tokyo in Asia Pacific, and Rio de Janeiro in South America. It has 8,700 employees and serves customers in over 180 countries.

  • We help ensure quality research accelerates progress for society by organising the review, editing and dissemination of around 18% of the world’s scientific articles 
  • Elsevier’s over 2,700 journals published more than 600,000 articles in 2021, from 2.5m submitted. 215 of 216 science and economics Nobel Prize winners since 2000 have published in an Elsevier journal 
  • ScienceDirect, the world’s largest platform dedicated to peer-reviewed primary scientific and medical research, hosts over 19m pieces of content from over 4,400 journals and over 43,000 e-books, and has over 18m monthly unique visitors 
  • Scopus is an expertly curated abstract and citation database with content from over 27,000 journals from more than 7,000 publishers to help researchers track and discover global knowledge in all fields 
  • SciVal is a web-based analytics solution that provides insights into the research performance of over 20,000 academic, industry and government research institutions 
  • Reaxys, a comprehensive chemistry research information system, supports chemists and data scientists in the chemicals, pharmaceutical and academic sectors. 
  • ClinicalKey, the flagship clinical reference platform, is used by doctors, nurses, medical students and educators at over 5,000 institutions in over 90 countries and territories. 
  • Elsevier’s free Novel Coronavirus Information Centre saw over 175m downloads in 2021 


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