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Significant or interesting images from history. Each image will guide you to related content.

#FeesMustFall - Student Movements

Special Project: Contemporary Student  Movements, #FeesMustFall, #RhodesMustFall etc. 

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Topics, timelines and articles that cover the history of South African art, music, theatre, sports, heritage and media

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Lives and stories of notable South Africans and people closely related to our history.

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Explore the histories of other African countries organised by region.

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Our classroom feature includes the history curriculum lessons for grade 4 to 12, plus past exam questions and answers. The history topics are linked to articles on our main website.

Additional curriculum content for other subjects, such as Art and Culture and Life Orientation will be posted as the material is developed.

Please send us your comments. It you are a teacher, feel free to share some of the resources that you and your colleagues have developed.


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Timelines show an overview of events and how they fit into the bigger picture. We have general timelines and timelines on specific topics

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