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Physics of Mind

Edited by Felix Schoeller
Volume 31,

Pages 1-332 (December 2019)

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  1. Editorial Board

    Page ii
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  2. Introduction to the special issue on physics of mind

    Pages 1-10
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  3. Top-down effects in the brain

    Pages 11-27
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  4. Mind as a shadow of neurodynamics

    Pages 28-31
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  5. Evolutionary understanding of the human mind and learning – in accordance with transactional naturalism and methodological relationalism

    Pages 32-43
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  6. From cells to sensations: A window to the physics of mind

    Pages 44-78
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  7. A simple theory of every ‘thing’

    Pages 79-85
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  8. The multidimensional brain

    Pages 86-103
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  9. The hierarchically mechanistic mind: A free-energy formulation of the human psyche

    Pages 104-121
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  10. Brain-mind operational architectonics: At the boundary between quantum physics and Eastern metaphysics

    Pages 122-133
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  11. Self-referential basis of undecidable dynamics: From the Liar paradox and the halting problem to the edge of chaos

    Pages 134-156
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  12. Intelligent architectures for robotics: The merging of cognition and emotion

    Pages 157-170
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  13. The neural code of intelligence: From correlation to causation

    Pages 171-187
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  14. Variational ecology and the physics of sentient systems

    Pages 188-205
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  15. A study of auditory localization mechanism based on thought experiments

    Pages 206-213
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  16. Neurocomputational theories of homeostatic control

    Pages 214-232
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  17. Role of mechanical morphogenesis in the development and evolution of the neocortex

    Pages 233-239
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  18. Spectral peculiarity and criticality of a human connectome

    Pages 240-256
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  19. Unconscious emotions of human learning

    Pages 257-262
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  20. Elements of qualitative cognition: An information topology perspective

    Pages 263-275
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  21. Psychophysical laws as reflection of mental space properties

    Pages 276-303
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  22. Network neuroscience for optimizing brain–computer interfaces

    Pages 304-309
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  23. Enhancing human emotions with interoceptive technologies

    Pages 310-319
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  24. Agent-based models of collective intelligence

    Pages 320-331
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ISSN: 1571-0645